Daft As A Brush

There’s no need for me to add to the blog discussions about him.

But I want to make a Football and Music contribution to the subject.

Get better Gazza. The football world is rooting for you.

  First up – Some songs about him :

Spitting Image - Cry Gazza Cry

» Spitting Image – Cry Gazza Cry

» Mr Martini – Gascoigne Please

» The New Cockerel Chorus – Nice One Gazza

  …and now two songs by him :

Gazza singles

» Gazza and Lindisfarne – Fog On The Tyne (Revisited)

» Gazza – Geordie Boys (Gazza Rap)

One Reply to “Daft As A Brush”

  1. Alex Hamilton says:

    Hello, I am looking for info on who wrote ‘Mr Martini’ – tune about Gazza.
    I am working on various music projects with RFC and am keen to talk to the person who wrote it.

    Any help advice you could offer would be fantastic.




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