Prepare yourself for an even bigger horror than footie with music – Football and Christmas Music.

To start us on this dark interlude here’s a couple from a club that doesn’t get much of a mention here. The reason for that is simply because I don’t have anything from or about them. So if there are any fans out there who wander past this entry – send us something will you ? Your team is very under represented on F&M.

The one…sorry two things I found are both seasonal sounds, both as bad as each other.

Item the first is a rewritten lyric version of “Come All You Faithful” which when I hear it, actually sounds more like a pisstake rather than a tribute.
That’s my opin anyway – you decide for yourself:

» The Loyal Fans – Come On All You Villa

Item the second comes via this Aston Villa/Vital Football posting of a YouTube clip associated with Doug O’Brien.

Doug wrote a book a few years ago: “Armageddon in Dreamland – The Secret Side of Santa” (currently unavailable, however a bit more info can be found here).

I don’t know who, maybe Doug himself, wrote the following song and appears on this music video which was filmed in and around Villa Park.

» Father Christmas Is A Villa Fan


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