Crimbo In Villaland

My rate of posting has gone right down as of late…

I was hoping to get the third song about a goalie out and maybe a couple of the follow-up ones about other Gunners, but decided to take a Bundesliga-type break for now with those.

I’ll resume that line of thinking after the festive period. For now since the annual celebration of the birth of that fictional character is approaching it’s time to look at some Xmas songs.

Prepare yourself for an even bigger horror than footie with music – Football and Christmas Music.

– To start us on this dark interlude here’s a couple from a club that doesn’t get much of a mention here. The reason for that is simply because I don’t have anything from or about them. So if there are any fans out there who wander past this entry – send us something will you ? Your team is very under represented on F&M.

The one…sorry two things I found are both seasonal sounds, both as bad as each other.

Item the first is a rewritten lyric version of “Come All You Faithful” which when I hear it, actually sounds more like a pisstake rather than a tribute.
That’s my opin anyway – you decide for yourself:

» The Loyal Fans – Come On All You Villa

Item the second comes via this Aston Villa/Vital Football posting of a YouTube clip associated with Doug O’Brien. (Pictured below in the Villa themed Santa suit):

Doug O'Brien as Santa

Doug wrote a book a few years ago: “Armageddon in Dreamland – The Secret Side of Santa” (currently unavailable, however a bit more info can be found here).

I don’t know who, maybe Doug himself, wrote the following song and appears on this music video which was filmed in and around Villa Park.

» Father Christmas Is A Villa Fan

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