Well That About Wraps It Up For Arsenal

With apologies to the late great DNA

Ah well...

It was only a few weeks ago when it was high flying Arsenal. Leading the Prem, in the Champions League and on form to take it all…

But the wheels slowly came off.

They put their FA Cup embarrassment behind them, vowing that this wouldn’t happen again and focused on the double.

Then another hit to the body with a Champions League Quarter Final 2nd leg in the fierce atmosphere of the Anfield Stadium. They fought back in that game, playing some of their best football all season, but it wasn’t enough.

Finally the win or bust match last Sunday and the promise from only a month ago finally disappeared.

So what happened ? What should they have done differently ? How could they have continued with their campaign ?

One major factor was with their comparatively small squad. Wenger didn’t spend in the January sales and when the injuries hit them Arsenal had very few options left to them.

This season has turned out to be a long harsh lesson for them, one which they will be sure not to repeat come next August.

Arsene has said that the trophies will come, and next season will probably be the biggest and most pressured one for him.

– Trying to find an appropriate tune to go with this was difficult. Usually when a team or related record a song it is in celebration of being in a cup final or with winning something. But I do have a few that just sing of their pride and I found one that has a doo-wop style:

» Tina and the North Bank – Come On You Gunners (The Arsenal Doo-Wop)

Plus to accompany it – an original 50’s doo wop with a vaguely sporting/footie title:

Tommy Edwards » Tommy Edwards – It’s All In The Game

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