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Thanks to the prediction league player MickMills I have more songs about Ipswich Town than I care to own, but he is a loyal supporter of the club and who knew that there was so much footie and musical songs dedicated to them.

Another mini collection I’ve got going is (unsurprisingly) from Liverpool. Not just the Anfield Rap. A low moment even for them. Because of the amount of items from or about just the one team I’ll be doing a Liverpool theme week in the future. So any non-supporters of them if you want to…
No don’t switch off. Stay and have a listen to what they offer, it is interesting and you’ve never heard some of it before.

If the featuring of these songs annoys you then fight back ! Stand up for your club and email me with evidence of your teams vocal prowess.

The Ballistics front cover - see below for more infoBefore all that I want to highlight one song about Ipswich. It ties in with the current news that a mystery investor has just become the majority shareholder of the club. Pretty boy Sheepshanks stays as chairman though.

Sheepshanks… Why is it every time I read that name I hear the chant in my head: “SHEEPSHANKS OUT !”
There was a time I think when he wasn’t all that popular and now with a new bloke holding the purse it will be interesting to see what happens if they get up to the Prem. Going by their current form it is looking favourable for them. But I’ll say no more because I don’t want to jinx them.

I’ve gone on a tangent there. Back to the main subject:
A local band who are fans of the team have re-recorded an old Ipswich song in order to raise funds for the M/S Society.

Research into Multiple Sclerosis is a cause close to my heart. My Dad had M/S and I would do anything in order to help them.

The band are called The Ballistics and they are self described Ska Tossers. The old Ipswich song they covered is one originally recorded by “Edward Ebeneezer and Supporters”.

I can’t find much more info about them than that. It is a classic down Portman Road and the fans still sing it. Originally released in the 70’s it is a singalong song which seems to run out of lyrics near the end. (I could insert a joke about keeping it simple for the Town fans, but I won’t).

The Ballistics version of the song isn’t online for listening anywhere yet, so until then have a taste of the original:

(Couldn’t find an image or cover art of the original, so I created one)

Edward Ebeneezer and Supporters - Come On The Town:

No downloads of this track, if you like it enough you can buy it for yourself but I urge people – especially the Town supporters to purchase the CD from The Ballistics.

More info can be found at:



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