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I used the title to give myself a (very poor) excuse to post a demo of The Skids – Circus Games: (which you can find more demos and live here, plus some Peel Sessions here)

Plus it is (again, a very very poor) pun which enables me to mention the current and upcoming summer footie tournaments which, if you were like me last week when I looked at the upcoming fixtures and saw that there wasn’t one match kicking off on Saturday… *takes breath*… and after a howl of despair at this realisation. Then a day of pottering about not knowing what to do, you gathered yourself together and searched for anything that involved the beautiful game. Before finally breathing a huge sigh of relief on discovering the following three events:

Confederations Cup:

Confederations Cup What is it ?
It’s a dress rehearsal for next year.

Where and when is it ?
South Africa: From June 14th -28th.

Who’s taking part ?
The winners of each confederation’s cup competitions, such as UEFA and the European Cup, FIFA and the World Cup, CAF and the African Cup of Nations, etc..etc.

It’s a bit of an unbalanced competition really, the three of the top 5 FIFA ranked teams are up against (and knocking quite a few goals past) some teams including a couple of former Colonies (USA & New Zealand).

But it’s worth a look for the later rounds because of a potential mouthwatering match up between Spain and Italy, then further on – Brazil versus one of those two.

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European Under-21 Football Championship:

Under 21's Trophy What is it ?
Does as it says on the title.

Where and when is it ?
Sweden: From June 15th -29th.

Who’s taking part ?
The England kids – including as everyone knows, Walcott. Plus there’s Sweden (as hosts) and Italy.
The Under 21’s have been drawn in a group of death which also includes Spain and Germany.

Can we get through with a win, draw and loss...?

England, despite themselves (Mancienne was sent off) scraped a win in the first game against Finland and are playing Spain (who drew nil-nil with Germany) as I write this.

Worth keeping an eye on because of England obviously, but because nearly all the Premier League scouts will also be watching with their eyes on snapping up some future stars.

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There’s an official song for the tournament, but it’s a bit like the Enrique Iglesias effort for Euro 2008 in the fact that the song, like his, has bugger all to do with footie and doesn’t even try to tie itself in. UEFA themselves don’t give it much of a fanfare:

Keren DeBerg » Keren DeBerg – Get Up And Go


Gold Cup What is it ?
It is a Central/North American cup competition.

Where and when is it ?
In the U.S.A : From July 3rd -26th.

Who’s taking part ?
The USA (obviously), plus Mexico and Costa Rica.
(Basically some teams from the Americas except the decent ones further south because the septics have to win something or otherwise they’ll throw a tantrum and invade another country)

After having their asses handed to them on a plate taking part in the above Confederations Cup the Americans then go home to play this competition AND they have to play Mexico (in Mexico) on August 12th in a World Cup Qualifier, which they are currently in 2nd place in their group behind… Costa Rica.
Mexico have it worse though – they are in 4th place and need to win that one to remain in contention for qualifying.

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  1. I’m looking forward to the summer sequel:
    Audi Cup, Emirates Cup (with extensive explanations on that Quadrangular Day thingie), Wembley Cup, Peace Cup.. and most of all, a nice cup o’ coffee..

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