Coldplay’s Disney Time

Chris and Ricky“Inside/outside… livin’ la vida loca….”

Did they replace Chris with Ricky ? You sure ? Then what’s with the title…?

He did contribute a song to the 1998 World Cup CD, was that an influence when they were recording I wonder ?

Anyhoddles in an effort to flog their new album in the U.S.A (which is where the big revenue is obviously) the band have got into bed with Mickey Mouse.

The article that gives me a weak excuse to post some of their music comes via AP/Yahoo News:

Coldplay to help ESPN market European Championship soccer

BRISTOL, Conn. – Coldplay and ESPN are teaming up on a soccer marketing campaign.

The rock band’s music will be featured in promotions for ESPN’s coverage next month of the European Championship soccer tournament, the sports network announced Wednesday.

ESPN agreed to incorporate music from Coldplay’s new release, “Viva La Vida,” into game and studio production. The quadrennial tournament is scheduled for June 7-29 in Austria and Switzerland. The CD is due out June 12.

ESPN and ABC, both owned by The Walt Disney Co., have broadcast rights for the tournament in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, South America and India.

Two of the 31 matches will be televised by ABC: a quarterfinal on June 21 and the final on June 29, which will be part of a doubleheader that opens with David Beckham’s Los Angeles Galaxy at D.C. United.

Seven games will be on ESPN, 17 on ESPN2 and five on ESPN Classic. This marks the first time the entire Euros will be shown live on non-pay-per-view U.S. television.

ESPN said the idea is to demonstrate the global importance of soccer and create greater interest in the sport “even among American fans.”

“This is the first time ESPN has created a global marketing campaign with a unified strategy, message and advertising campaign,” said Seth Ader, a senior director of sports marketing for ESPN. “The campaign captures the passion for European soccer.”

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Still taking baby steps, not fully into the mainstream but this is good progress for them.

I’m sure that ESPN/Disney are a bit pissed that Derek and his mates are not taking part in the tournament (a bit of a loss of revenue for them), but there’s a sizeable Latino population in North America so there will be some interest.

In the footie that is.
As for Coldplay’s music… It’s alright but … For me Violet Hill is the best out of these two:


Coldplay - Viva La Vida:

Coldplay - Violet Hill:


Thanks to Immuzikation who has just sent me a mashup he’s just done.

I love mashups and this one is blinding. He describes it as: Coldplay – Viva La Vida + Weezer – The Greatest Man That Ever Lived + Cut Copy – Far Away + The Blow – Parentheses + M.I.A. – Boyz + Reading Rainbow Theme = Fish Tacos (Immuzikation ExtraTartarBlend) .

Immuzikation - Fish Tacos

You can download Immuzikation – Fish Tacos (ImmuzikationExtraTartarBlend) via:

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