At the end of this month (March 2009) there will be a film released based on Dave Peace’s book, which is a fictionalised account of Brian Clough’s short tenure at Leeds.

Some of the postings and reviews I’ve read have either forgotten or not mentioned this. Please remember when you do go and see it that most of what happens is from the imagination of the author – and subsequently the screenwriters.
And by the looks of the trailer below it might be one of the better football movies.

But this post isn’t about that, or about his 44 days at Leeds.

This is a blatant attempt to pull some traffic here because of the interest in the current subject.


Cloughy was one of those who easily divided opinions. To some he was an arrogant big mouth. To others he was the best man never to be the manger the England team. I am with the former and although I recognise that he was one of the best English managers, he wasn’t for the top job.

Club-wise he was outstanding and those of use longer in the tooth will remember his days at Forest.

Again I’m not going to write all that much about him because that’s not what F&M does. There are plenty of other places which will fill your needs on that.

We are here for the music and about a few tunes done about him »

The Toy Dolls did this one in 1989 about the incident when a fan ran onto the pitch (after Forest beat QPR) and Brian gave him a cuff round the ear:

Toy Dolls » The Toy Dolls – Cloughy Is A Bootboy

Cloughy’s Lads Are Full O’ Gloom
Coz Cloughy’s In The Changin’ Room
Why Can’t He Nick Off & Leave Them Be?
He Screams & Yells & Just Because
Cloughy Knows That He’s The Boss
Cloughy’s Rough & Tough Cloughy’s Barmy

Cloughy’s In A Huff & Tense
Cloughy’s Teeth Begin To Clench
A Cloughy Fan Asks For His Autograph
“Can Yer Sign This Brian?”
He Nuts Him First & Smacks Him Next
Nobody Makes Cloughy Vexed
Cloughy Is The Chief Cloughy’s The Gaffa

Cloughy Is A Football Hooligan
Now Cloughy’s Only At His Prime
With His Fist In Yer Nose
When The Referee Blows Full Time

Brian Brian Kicks & Slaps & He Shouts Oi!
Brian Brian Cloughy Is A Bootboy

The Judge Tells Cloughy To Keep Calm
He’s Up For Grievous Bodily Harm
Cloughy Stands And Begins To Yell
Cloughy Must Have A Screw Loose
Coz Cloughy Says He’s Gonna Cruc
Ify The Cops When He Gets Out The Cell

Cloughy Is A Football Hooligan

Cloughy Is A Football Hooligan

He Kicks & Slaps, He Thumps & Cracks
He Nuts & Smacks And Shouts Oi!

Next up is one that I don’t have clear info on. I’m sure that the name of the artists and the title of the song have got swapped, but I may be wrong. Some sampling of Brian talking included in:

Clough Give Us A Kiss – Sorted For Clough

Lastly, for now is this one which was done around the time of the 1991 FA Cup Final… the one cup he could never win…

Clough » Fat and Frantic – Brian!

Songs above provided by Through the seasons before us – an NFFC Blog.
– Next up with be the conclusion to this journey of Clough with a couple involving the man himself.

3 Replies to “Cloughy Was A Boot Boy”

  1. Great stuff these posts.

    Really looking forward to this film….I found the book riveting…all three times that I’ve read it

  2. What about Sultans of Ping F.C? their song “Give Him A Ball (And A Yard Of Grass) takes its lyrics almost entirely from Clough quotes, plus their drummer played for Cork F.C. that’s some football and music….

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