I have some exclusive celebrity gossip. You’ll not see this in the National Enquirer. Only on here.

It is about the erstwhile drink/drugs/party all the time Lindsay Lohan. Tracey in Jossy's Giants

Did you know that she is an immortal and the real reason that she checks into rehab clinics is to get a blood changes so she can regenerate. Her last few visits have only been for top-up’s, previous to this she was in deep rehab for about 20 years. Hidden away at a clinic in deepest darkest Wales.

We in Blighty saw her before that, back in 1986 when she was on the telly once a week at tea-time. As we sat there watching, eating our plates of corned beef and chips on our laps, Ms Lohan, or Julie Foy as she was calling herself back then, was playing a character in Jossy’s Giants.

S’true. She is one and the same. I swear my season ticket to Dudley F.C on it.

Linds..sorry… Julie played the part of Tracey Gaunt, who always got the team out of the trouble they always seemed to themselves in every week, as demonstrated in the video clip here.

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The Glipton Grasshoppers, renamed as Glipton Giants AFC, were managed by an ex-footie pro – one Joswell ‘Jossy’ Blair, who’s playing career at Newcastle read: Played: 1, Scored: 0. In fact he didn’t finish playing that 1, he sustained a knee injury in the match. An injury which stopped him playing football ever again. After his forced retirement Jossy opened a sports shop and agreed to manage a local hopeless football team. Yeah I know they’ve got Big Sam and the SuperOwen, but still… Runours that Glenn Roeder used to watch episodes before picking the team are unfounded.

The comedy/drama only ran for two series, which just like a newly promoted club down the M4 there, started out brightly but faded on the second season. – It was when they started noticing girls and paid less attention to their football.

The show was notable because it was the creation of the darts commentator Sid Waddell, better known now, probably to his annoyance, for his voice-over in the Orange Tango adverts.
I don’t know… a darts commentator writing a children’s drama… you’ll be telling me next that an ex-Spurs and England manager wrote a 70’s detective series

Other notables were the appearances of Sir Bobby Charlton and a very wooden Bryan Robson (“How could you tell ?!)

Another character on the show was Bob Nelson, a local bookie and a part-time DJ. When he was on the disco he looked like this.
» From the Bob Nelson’s disco page a track which Bob played all the time:

Art Of Noise - Close To The Edit

Art Of Noise – Close To The Edit

Extra Time:
– Download/listen to the theme tune and other sound clips here.

– Did you know there is a real Jossy’s Giants F.C. They play in the Winchester & District Sunday League Premier Division.

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