York City that is.

York City

In case you are not familiar… York City play at KitKat Crescent, which isn’t as silly as you think because FC Dallas – they play their games at Pizza Hut Park.)

Thanks once again to Jim in York who I am bestowing the title of F&M’s Chief Scout because of another find by him. (Although this was probably an easy spot since he’s a supporter of his local team).

Jim’s previous tips were about Scarborough, Phil Jevons and the captain of my Footie and Music team: Strachan.

This time it is as mentioned about his hometown club who will be… have they replaced the turf yet or are they waiting until after this match…? But there will be the playoff finals straight after this so will they wait until after that ? And where will they get the replacement from ? Aintree ?

I’ve digressed… But it is a good question – Which bit of grass (if any) will York City and Stevenage be stepping on at Wembley this coming Saturday ?

The Wembley pitch, yesterday. Maybe.

I’m not going to bang on about that though. Twohundredpercent has a righteous (and better) rant here.

» We are here for the music and this is one done by a bloke who decided to knock out a tune for York’s Wembley appearance.

UPDATE: In only a few days after Jim posted about this one the song has been adopted by the club ! Read on…

Chuitar, for that who it is, wrote on his MySpace page the reason behind the song and the subsequent pick up by the team:

“Because nobody seemed to be making a cup final song to mark York City’s appearance in the FA Trophy final at Wembley Stadium on 9 May, Chuitar knocked together City at Wembley on a computer (using its inbuilt microphone) on the evening of Wednesday 29 April.

It’s fair to say that Chuitar didn’t really expect their debut, um, release to get played on the radio, written about in the paper or adopted by the club as its official Wembley anthem. But they’re very chuffed indeed that it did.”

Chuitar » Chuitar – City At Wembley

City at Wembley x 4
City at Wembley x 4
City at Wembley x 4

Well we’re York City and we’re not that good
It’s changed a lot since Derek Hood
But on May the 9th you know where we’ll be
And that’s cheering on the lads at Wembley
As seasons go this one’s not been fun
It’s changed a lot since since Iain Dunn
But come the day listen for the roar
As it’s Sodj to Brodie and Brodie scores!
We’ve not been there since 93
When Ginner got promotion with a penalty
But now our time’s come round again
Let’s separate those boys from men

City at Wembley x 4
City at Wembley x 4

To get this far we beat Northwich Vics
Then Oxford then Kiddy on penalty kicks
Then Havant then Telford in a two leg semi
It’s nice to win, cos we don’t win many
The grand old team of York, they had 11 men
They marched right up the league, then right down again
But hope shines through and we still think we’ll win
The Trophy. At Wembley. Everybody sing!

City at Wembley x 4
City at Wembley x 4

Now Mr Foyle I hope you don’t mind me saying
I’m not that keen on how we’ve been playing
I’m not keen on losing, cos losing hurts
And I’m really not keen on purple shirts
But if they turn it on at Wembley, we’ll all feel better
Cos it’s changed a lot since Nigel Pepper
If we score some goals we’ll make a heckuva commotion
And we’ll start to believe that we really win promotion

City at Wembley x 4
City at Wembley x 4

So, we’ll see you down in London on the 9th of May
And we’ll wave our flags on Wembley way
Then if City play it pretty they could win this thing
And the fans will roar and the fans will sing
Cos we’ve had tough times for a decade or longer
But they say what doesn’t kill only you makes you stronger
Do you wonder why so many are supporting them still
Cos we love York City and we always will

City at Wembley x 4
City at Wembley x 4

ANOTHER UPDATE: It’s been remixed:

» Chuitar – City at Wembley (105’s Donk Remix)

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