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Before I go on I want to give a big shout out to Cherry Red Records. They are a record label who have survived all these years and not been bought out by the corporates, they are the record label who enabled the Dead Kennedy’s to nearly make the top 30 of the charts with Too Drunk to Fcuk.

Also unlike the major labels they’ve recognised the changing trends of how we buy our music and have not tried to sue the people who are buying their products, but embraced the changes and offer individual downloads of all their DRM-free mp3’s. No subscriptions needed.

They have become a source of information and future material for F & M thanks to their Football section. Up until now I’ve found songs to post via other mp3 blog sites or by “other means” (by that I mean via my own collection of CD’s and records of course.)

But I’ve been to the Cherry Red site to download songs and they have some blinding stuff on sale.
This begs the question though… If I purchase and d/load a song from them, should I make this available on the website for everybody to get for themselves for nowt ?
Cherry Red themselves, unlike the major labels don’t try to tell me what I should with the items I’ve bought. They don’t try to restrict the usage of something which I own. This is a big reason why I like the site and visit often.
My opinion is that by me paying for and then giving them to you it encourages people to then go to the site, explore and purchase stuff for themselves. This is what I like about the idea and creation of mp3’s and how some artists have done this. If you give away some stuff for free it gets people to listen to it and brings a bigger audience to you.

With me making some of my purchases available I am doing a 21st Century version of making a mix tape to give away to your mates. Home taping didn’t kill music as the big labels said it would in the past and mp3’s are not going to do the same now. As Cherry Red and others have done, they’ve changed how they do things and they will continue to thrive thanks to their forward thinking.

So take a moment to go to the Cherry Red website and I encourage you to buy some stuff from them »

Cherry Red Records

Their downloads site is the best I’ve found. Simple and easy to use. Thousands of albums and individual mp3 are available all at a very decent price.

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