Laurel Aitken

And so as expected…

Very nearly wasn’t thanks to the post, the crossbar and of course… the pitch.

Which the commentator and pundit didn’t make all that many references to actually.

I think because it was a given.

Plus there were a few golden chances spurned: An open goal. Two penalties: Saved and scuffed.

But this final will not go down in history as an err… historic…one…

What will be remembered though is that Chelsea did a League/Cup double and to commemorate a track from the fine gentleman above, plus a couple of others thown in.

First though a quick bio:

Laurel Aitken waa born in Cuba of mixed Cuban and Jamaican descent, his family settled in Jamaica in 1938. After an early career working for the Jamaican Tourist Board singing mento songs for visitors arriving at Kingston Harbour, he became a popular nightclub entertainer…

… Aitken moved to Brixton, London in 1960 and recorded for the Blue Beat label, releasing fifteen singles before returning to Jamaica in 1963. He recorded for Duke Reid, with backing from The Skatalites before returning to the UK. He recorded hits such as “Fire in Mi Wire” and “Landlord and Tenants”, which led to a wider recognition outside of Jamaica and the UK. This cemented his position as one of ska’s leading artists and earned him the nicknames The Godfather of Ska.

…Aitken settled in Leicester with his wife in 1971. His output slowed in the 1970s, but in 1980, with ska enjoying a resurgence in the wake of the 2 Tone movement, Aitken had his first success in the UK Singles Chart with “Rudi Got Married”.

…In later years he performed occasional concerts almost until his death from a heart attack in 2005. After a long campaign, a blue plaque in his honour was put up at his Leicester home.

» Laurel Aitken & The Shed Enders – Zigger Zagger

Extra Time:

» Laurel Aitken – Be Mine

» Laurel Aitken – Hey, Bartender » Laurel Aitken – The Ska Is The Limit

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