Chin Up Old Chap

This is a “seize the opportunity” post since these subjects are currently in the headlines…

He will be popping the corks on this moment because the words: “Peter Reid” and “Premiership” came up in the same sentence.

See no.. hear no..speak no...

Some lazy hack at one of the tabloids dares to speculate that Reidy could actually be speeded back from his current Thai exile to steer Sunderland away from their current peril.

What next journo’s ? Leeds United to reappoint O’Leary ?

But the man himself knows that pigs will be flying over the Stadium of Light before he does.

Apart from sitting in the pundits chair at some match it is very doubtful that we’ll see Peter Reid being let loose in the Premier League any more.

But then again never say never. Look at Joe Kinnear. Sillier things actually did happen.

Because of the attention on the club and on Reid I’m jumping on the google search bandwagon and posting this entry to get some traffic.

– Back in 1996 some people gathered together to wax lyrical about their previous Wearside messiah… (They’ve had a few: Get them promoted – instant God status. [McCarthy] But get them relegated and they never speak his name again.) At the time the club were in the 1st Divi…Championsh… whatever it was called at the time and they were in their old ground at Roker Park.

Some fans saw that Reid was constantly looking glum on the touchline and put a group together. They changed the lyrics of a famous song for him.

…I think the Sunderland fanzine A Love Supreme were partly responsible, but I might be wrong.

» Simply Red & White – Daydream Believer (Cheer Up Peter Reid)

Oh I could fly without wings
On the back of Reidy’s kings
At three o’clock I’m happy as can be
Cos the good times they are here
And the Premiership is near
So watch out world as all of Roker sings

Cheer up Peter Reid
Oh what can it mean
To a Sunderland supporter
To be top of the league

We once thought of you
As a Scouser dressed in blue
Now you’re red and white through and through
We had all dreamt of the day
When a saviour would come our way
And now we know our dreams are coming true


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