After the demise of Collapsed Lung in 1998 the former members all kept busy with various projects.

Former members of Collasped Lung

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Some of them were bands such as Oskar and Arndales.

As well as some breakbeats with:

Junior Blanks were formed in 1996 when London-based indie/hip-hop act Collapsed Lung lost their guitarist. Jim Burke took care of vocal duties with Anthony Chapman and Johnny Dawe also on board…

Despite the support of the late John Peel sales are minimal and this, coupled with band members’ personal situations eventually leads to the disbanding of Junior Blanks in 2006.

This track is from the Early Tapes (a compilation)…

Junior Blanks
» Junior Blanks – (Keep Feeling) Fascination

Links: MySpace | Last.FM | Discogs

Anthony Chapman was very busy not only with the above, but also as a DJ, producer and remixer. Under the pseudonym of DJ Scissorkicks he teamed up with Jim Burke – aka Sgt. Rock:

Sgt Rock“…On leaving Collapsed Lung Jim Burke resurfaced as his “acid p-funk” alter-ego Sgt. Rock in 1998 with the disco stomp of ”Deeper’n’Deffer”. This featured on Fused and Bruised’s “Daytrip to Brisco”. Signed soon afterwards to Wiiija records, he released three singles and the album “Live the Dream”…

Since the winding down of Wiiija records Sgt. Rock began recording alongside long term accomplice DJ Scissorkicks under the name Kicks & Rock.
He also released a few cheeky 7”s on his own imprint GROT…”

… Where you can download his 2nd album for free.

» Kicks And Rock – Seoul Warfare

After this Jim Burke joined Rock Onic and Bob (you have to go over there and have a listen to the cover versions) where he picked up a Ukulele – and an idea was formed…

Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer

Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer is….“a parodist who performs “chap-hop” – hip-hop delivered in a Received Pronunciation accent. Mr. B raps or “rhymes” about high society, pipe smoking and cricket while playing the banjolele. The character is described has having grown up in Cheam and attending Sutton Grammar School for Boys.” Straight out of Surrey.

As you can see he’s an alter ego of Jim Burke and as Mr.B he’s performed all over the UK including the Glastonbury Festival and club NME in Paris, and will be performing as part of the 2010 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He’s also appeared on Steve Lamacq and Tom Robinson’s shows on BBC6 Music. His debut album “Flattery Not Included” was released in 2008, which included the track “Chap-Hop History” which is a RP reworking of some well known hip-hop classics.

He reworded a hip hop classic, a track originally done by the Rocksteady Crew and made it into:

» Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer – I Say… You…

…and last summer (2010) just before June… Ah yes finally we get to the football and music:

» Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer – Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer’s World Cup Song

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