“Championi Championi Oweh Oweh Oweh…”

Well alright it’s a silver but unlike the [insert defeated finalist], I’m happy just to get a medal award.

Yay ! We finished 2nd !
"Yay ! We finished 2nd !"

» E-Type – Campione

An explanation…

WSCWe’ve been notified that we received a Worthy Website: Silver Award from that venerable (not Venables) long standing, most respected (ok that’s enough ass kissing) football magazine When Saturday Comes. The mag doesn’t hand out these awards willy-nilly and this time around they somehow found this very website, liked what they saw and then mentioned us in the same breath as Twohundredpercent & Pitch Invasion amongst others.

I’ve been involved with and have contributed to a couple of fanzines which got a mention, but in all these years of reading WSC… I never thought something that I produced would be in there.

A few quotations from them:

“It’s five years since WSC last handed out any awards to worthy websites. And even then, we didn’t actually hand anything out. These are virtual awards that reflect the cyber-realistic nature of the internet and so will be better appreciated by the keyboard-bound phalanx of dedicated writers who would never desert their terminals just to attend some fancy web awards dinner at the Savoy. Besides, they were fully booked until next Christmas.

Those five years have seen a significant decline in webzines while blogs, forums and Twitter feeds have emerged as the instant conduit for football’s weary, frustrated and furious fans. …

… Considering the payback, we are amazed that in the non-commercial substrata, there are still independent websites ready to invest energy in producing work full of conviction, originality, wit and well-hewn prose. …”

Before I break out a can of Panda Cola to celebrate I’m going to take this as a weak excuse to post some musical-football related tunes – The reason being is that if you’ve just recently visited and have viewed the previous posts, you’ll be thinking that yes, footie & music are two things that should not have ever met. But you would be wrong. Sometimes they can be a perfect union, as exemplified with the following:

The Delilah’s sound like a Swiss version of Elastica, they even have male band members.
A few years ago they released this track, which sings that: “… 2-1 is better than 1-nil at home..”

The Delilahs The Delilahs – One-Nil At Home

On the chest
Uncle Pete is looking past his best
But he dribbles better than the rest
Here I go down the wing
Everybody sing
Eye on the ball, eye on the ball, eye on the
2 – 1 is better than 1 – 0 at home
And long live the pissheads that leave me alone
Here’s the wall
Freekick and I’m standing so tall
To the left, to the left, STOP. A bit more…
Here I go
Everybody sing
Eye on the ball, on the ball
Eye on the own goal
Well 4 – 1 is better than 1 – 0 at home
And long live the pissheads that leave me alone
Foul referee
He’s hacking at my knee
Down in the box
Point to the spot – Whey!
Back of the net
It’s going in the back of the net
Eye on the ball
Eye on the Bollocks
8 – 1 is better than 1 – 0 at home
And long live the pissheads that leave me alone
10 – 1 is better than 1 – 0 at home
And long live the pissheads that leave me alone

The Dynamics are a French group who are deeply routed in soul, they took a song popularised by the fans at Euro 98 and put their own spin on it:

The Dynamics » The Dynamics – 7 Nation Army

» Link to video

Lastly one from an entry originally posted in 2007, in which I featured WSC with a scan of their very first issue and the song from where they got their name:

The Undertones » The Undertones – When Saturday Comes

4 Replies to ““Championi Championi Oweh Oweh Oweh…””

  1. DaveC says:

    Congratulations mate! Good to see your hard work recognised.

  2. jc says:

    Just got back from holiday today….this month’s WSC was delivered while I was away…just been reading Page 29…..and was delighted to see your own wee place get a more than honourable mention.

    Congratulations amigo. Very richly deserved. Now where is that Robin Friday posting we talked about months ago…..

  3. AMD says:

    Excellent news, and well deserved. Even if you undid all your fine work by going Bayern crazy on our asses!!


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