Taking another wander off the beaten path to have a look at a few individuals who have combined the beautiful game into their various outputs. I think I’ll call this genre Football and Music. There’s an original title. Nobody has thought of that before.

Starting this particular mini-series is Weatherall:

Andy Weatherall
Can be seen smoking a fag in nearly every image of him.

No not that 90’s Leeds United defender, but the DJ, Producer and Remixer who’s name you will have seen often on the extra tracks of some CD singles. He’s mixed the Happy Mondays, Primal Scream and loads of others. Also on the rise was that Ibiza; “Big Fish/Little Fish/Cardboard Box” thing.

During this period Andy Weatherall teamed up with Terry Farley and Pete Heller to form Boy’s Own, initially a magazine commenting on football, fashion, records, etc. They also did parties and had a record label under the name of Boys Own Recordings.

Extended info:

Boys Own Productions“Boys Own, Junior Boys Own, Junior London, JBO or Junior, the popular house music label initially started out in the very late 1980’s simply as ‘Boys Own’ – an irrelevant “footy’ magazine set up by Andrew Weatherall, Terry Farely & Steve Amyes (1986) – Based upon the idea of the original ‘Boys Own’ papers issued between the 1870’s to the 1960’s. The fanzine mainly featured jokes, stuff, football nonsense, lads fashion and club news.”
» source

PDF File with a brief history of the Boys Own fanzine. Via Phatmedia.
Wikipedia info on the Boys Own Paper.

Whilst on Boys Own Productions, along with engineer Hugo Nicholson and singer Anna Haigh, they released two singles under the name of – but slightly different spelling – from the Argentinian football club.

» Bocca Juniors – Raise (63 Steps To Heaven) (Tackhead Remix)

» Bocca Juniors – Substance

– There’s a link/hint in the title of one of those songs to the next entry in this series.

– I can add them to that Music and Football thread I started, (no I am not very original when naming things) where I was doing an A-Z of bands that are also the name of a footie team.

– Andrew Weatherall is still going under the guise of Two Lone Swordsmen and there’s also his debut solo album released in September (2009).

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