This coming weekend one of the many famous Man City fans…

No, the other one.

Not him either…

Eddie Large

   …now you are just taking the piss.

I mean the boxing one:

Ricky Hatton

Ricky Hatton (nickname: The Hitman) will be fighting Manny Pacquiao (nickname: Pacman) in Las Vegas.

Extra Link: Via the Daily Telegraph – A pictorial countdown to the fight, with Ricky taking Pacquiano to his local pub and giving him a Man City away shirt*

*I like what he did there – City’s away form, etc…

It will probably be around 4 or 5am Sunday morning UK time by the time they get to their bout. Boil the coffee, you are going to be pulling an all-nighter.

Ricky is a well known and a massive Man City supporter which you may have seen with what he wears on his way to and inside the ring.

Also well known is the tune that plays him in…one which is played down at Eastlands too:

You will be familiar by now with how we operate, so… Here’s a few more Blue Moon’s done by some established acts:

» Mel Torme [The Velvet Fog !]

» Rod the Mod no more, crooning to keep the cash coming in nowadays

» Sam Cooke

» Sha Na Na [Most famous version No.1]

» The Marcells [Most famous version No.2]
» Bobby Vinton

» Dean Martin

» Elvis Presley

» Frank Sinatra

» Gene Krupa

The song is a very old one that’s been covered (as seen above) by every artist who can belt a tune – but not so far by those musical Citeh fans Oasis or Kevin Phoenix. Come on lads, pull yer fingers out.

There is yet another bunch of Man City fans/musical ensemble – Doves – who have done their cover version, but you’ll only be able to hear it at one particular venue.

– Don’t go away yet. There’s…
… some others who didn’t make the first team up there, but are still a notable listen:

» Cowboy Junkies – Blue Moon Revisited (Song For Elvis)

» Tommy Dorsey

» Belle Baker [From 1929..maybe..?]

» The Drivers [Recorded in 1957]

» My Morning Jacket [Yes, the one in the same]
» Rockaholix

» Oscar Peterson Trio

» Patrick Burns

» Ray Conniff

Boring trivial note: One of the co-writers – Richard Rodgers also co-wrote You’ll Never Walk Alone, which of course is Liverpool’s theme song.

And Finally… A couple of downright weird ones:

» Altered States

» Captain Polaroid

Extra Time: If you haven’t got sick of listening to it yet, I’ve collected 35 versions of the same tune.
Because of the size I’ve split it in half which you can find in two parts here and here.

Please note: All these songs were freely available from the web. If any of the do cause offence to your copyright then let me know via the Contact link above.

May 9th, 2011 Update: Vote in the Blue Moon v Delilah poll

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  1. Crewe Alex sing this as well and the popular opinion (round my way anyway) is that they sung it first, before Citeh took it as their own.

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