Taking a quick break from the footie & music series.

Not a very original title, I know….

I was excited to read about the launch event for the new Man City shirt:

Live from City event advert - click to view larger

Click the image to view larger

…even though I’m on the other side of the Atlantic and unable to go (not that many buses stop by my place, plus the fare is a bit expensive), but I’m still buzzed about the launch and that those loyal Citeh fans Doves will be performing for the concert.

They tried to keep the new design under wraps but after publicity photos were released of the new City striker holding the shirt, it pretty much blew that.

Mark Hughes and Carlos Tevez with the new shirt

The shirt itself looks fantastic. As someone who hasn’t bought a new one in a while (I have Kappa/Brother, yeah it’s been that long), I’ll be getting this new one. It’s going to cost me a bit because I live in Soccerkickball land but I must have !

I like the simple classic design and another plus – it’s done by Umbro who’ve also done the England shirt. That third kit isn’t too bad either. It’s a remake of the ’76-79 away shirt, which was also made by Umbro.

Any… to the launch and the gig at the City of Manchester Stadium:

Supporting the Wilmslow threesome will be:

As well as a DJ set from that City stalwart Mike Pickering.

And to the music…

I so much want to get a copy of the song that is sometimes used when the teams run out. But the track: “Live for City” is a special recording which is not available to buy and can only be heard at the stadium.

Another one – the Man City anthem Blue Moon, was done by them. But again you can only hear it…

Doesn’t end there though: CoM stadium sometimes play a remixed (and I assume instrumental) version of “Words”. Obviously I don’t have that either, but:

» Doves – Words

I’ve heard that they also occasionally play:
» Doves – Pounding

One of my favourite tracks.


A rare and unreleased outing for:
» Doves – Blue Water

Now to find an online retailer who can give me a decent price…

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  1. I fear yet again, that it’s all going to end in tears for City. Not that I want that to happen….it just always seems to be the way of the world.

    PS : How long before Bellamy asks for a transfer cos he doesnt get a game ahead of Robino, Santa Cruz, Adebayor et al?

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