All for CHARIDEE...

This is a postscript to the one from the other day that looked at some well known names who were compelled to sing for England.

The ones I selected were the “best” in the bunch of tunes which were either designed to earn a bit of coin for themselves or to raise money for others.

There were a couple of other songs done in which groups of “celebrities” were gathered together in the name of charidee (mate) – and yes it was for a good cause, but they really should have just emptied their own wallets and not tried to sing.

Sadly for you I’m going to remind everybody again of what those songs were.

Both acts must have confused the general public slightly because of their names. Both of them were known as something something Allstars.

– The first one takes the route that every bugger else took when they banged out a re-worded cover version of a familiar tune. A song that is closely associated with (I’ve still got to get that posted and tell their footie and music story) Brighton & Hove Albion.

Who’s fault ?   The culprits in this instance were Talksport Radio.

What song ?   A version of The Piranhas hit (from 1980, that got to number 6) ‘Tom Hark’ – which in itself was a reworked version of a much older tune, but more about that another time.

Who was on this one ?   Some of the Talksport presenters (at the time) including Rodney Marsh, Micky Quinn and that twAt James Whale.

Was it for charidee ?   Unknown, looks like it wasn’t.

Spot the deliberate mistake with this pic » Talksport Allstars – We’re England (Tom Hark)


The Piranhas version:

That is halfway decent compared with…

Who’s fault ?   The scummy Sun “newspaper” with some of their usual zenophobia.

What song ?   A re-worded version of the Dads Army Theme.

Who was on this one ?   They got I think one of the maybe two or three original Dads Army actors still alive, but they didn’t get a decent one. It was that Warden bloke. Plus they had Frank Bruno (don’t know how he fits in to all this but he’s on his uppers and needed the work) and they got the two England scorers from the 1966 World Cup Final. Geoff Hurst and Martin Peters hang your heads in shame. I know it was for charity but getting in bed with that low/no class tabloid with this pathetic tune…

Was it for charidee ?   Yes.

Can you spot the deliberate mistake with this pic Stream only. The less people that have this the better.

- Video

I’ve left this one on a sour note. I usually have something else to balance it out, not this time though.
It is better that we get this one out of the way and forgotten.

– There are still a couple more Engl/WC2006 tunes worth a mention, but as I said lets leave it for now.

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