Big Trip To Where Now…?

The very dictionary definition of “missed a sitter”:

OH would you look at that...

The photographer must have made quite a few quid after capturing this moment.

His first touch, in his first international appearance and…

Chris Iwelumo is a decent striker though. I’m sure he’ll put on the right boots next time and will be regularly banging them in.

Burley put pressure upon himself and the team by saying before the match that it was a must win one. Whether though this had an effect on Iwelumo is doubtful.

But what has also put pressure on Burley’s position is Kris Boyd’s diva strop because he was on the bench and not put on for the Norway match. Afterwards he stormed out and will not play under George Burley (ahem) ever again.

It’s not the end of the world (cup) for Scotia though. It would have been nice to have gained 3 points rather than drop 2, but at the moment they are still 2nd in their table – behind the favourites Holland. Also in their group as well is FYR Macedonia and Iceland. Still a decent chance of making it.

For now though that is it until next year. The Scotia FA and all concerned have until March next year to clear things up, get their houses in order before playing their next qualifier – away to the Dutch.

But right now after Saturday and the result and the falling out the question is will they be make that Big Trip to South Africa or not ?

In 1986 they did make it south of the Equator when they had… actually it wasn’t as much of a Big Trip.. more of one that they’d like you to forget. The song too I think…

» Scotland World Cup Squad 1986 – Big Trip To Mexico

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  1. jc says:

    It’s taken a full week…..but with my team (Raith Rovers) scoring today in the 90th minute to win 3-2 after the other lot had only equalised in the 88th minute….the ghost of poor Chris was exorcised some what.

    But please take down that picture….


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