A while back I did a mini-series about various producers/remixers. (I will list them below.)
This is an addition to that series and it’s also another look at a subject I’ve previously covered.

The producer is Damian Harris aka Midfield General and the subject is:


I believe that some of you might have heard about him. He played somewhere in N17.

He recently took a position with the Ajax backroom staff and has said that he wouldn’t turn down a coaching role with that struggling North London club if the opportunity ever arose.

I don’t need to write any more about him. Go here for the previous entry (including music).

I want to talk about the creator of the following tunes, which are entitled about the above subject.

Damian Harris moved down to Brighton and eventually became a DJ, then a few years later got a job at a record label who had one Norman Cook signed to them. After this he co-founded Skint Records and Cook joined under the Fatboy Slim moniker.
F&M Factoid: They were the Brighton & Hove Albion shirt sponsor for 9 years.

Under the Midfield General guise in 1997 he released the Devil In Sports Casual single.
One of the tracks on EP was named after the Dutch master:

» Midfield General – Bergkamp

– Also from the 2007 album General Disarray was the following track, which contains the euphoric Dutch TV commentator Jack van Gelder:

» Midfield General – Dennis And My Sister

(Also on that album was “Midfielding” – a collaboration with Noel Fielding of The Mighty Boosh)

Additionally… found this via YouTube which is a home made video tribute to Bergkamp:

» Link to video

Extra Time: The title tracks from the Devil In Sports Casual EP:

» Midfield General – Devil In Sports Casual

» Devil In Sports Casual
(Fatboy Slim’s ‘Does My Beat Look This Big’ Mix)

If you like this sort of thing then I highly recommend you visit Acid Ted for more of the same.

Those other remixers/producers:

  • Bocca Juniors (Andrew Weatherall)
  • Barmy Army (Tackhead & co.)
  • Depth Charge (J Saul Kane)
  • Tackhead (Adrian Sherwood)
  • The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu (Bill Drummond)
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    1. Top tunes. Damian used to work in Rounder Records, here in Brighton, as did Norman, back in the 80’s. Last time I heard, Damian was living in France, but that was a while back now. Good that Brighton gets a mention. Old Norman currently pays £5000 a year for his own parking space at Withdean Stadium. Wonder what it’ll be when we get our nice, new stadium in Falmer next season?

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