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It’s a bit like trainspotting but instead of being ignored somebody will actually want to read your notes.

At first I had this crazy idea of trying to do a post every day during the tournament. When I took a second to think about it I knew immediately that this was a very, very silly idea. I will try to get something out as soon as I can. It’ll probably mean shorter posts but I know that you’ll like that.

But we here at F&M (meaning me) can’t be everwhere at once during the World Cup so is asking if you could give us a hand and drop us a line if you spot anything football & world cup music related.

There are various ways of getting in touch:

» via the website Contact Form.

» via email: My name [at] this address

» via Twitter: @football_music

» via Facebook: facebook.com/footballandmusic

and err.. that’s about it.

In the meantime whilst we all sit here and twiddle our thumbs waiting for the thing to start already… Here’s some football and incidental music tie ins courtesy of pathfinderpat at Town Full Of Losers:

– Firstly there is a pre-tournament warm up with Give Him a Ball (and a Yard of Grass) and some kickabouts with Toots & the Maytals (Jamaica), I’m From Barcelona (Sweden), Sultans of Ping FC (Ireland) and a few others.

– There there’s Top of the World and after a look at the some of the teams, they get a run out with Shonen Knife (Japan) doing a Carpenters cover, The Go-Betweens (Australia) and their neighbours Flight of the Conchords (New Zealand), plus a track each from South and North Korea… Don’t know how Pat pulled that one off…

– Next up is Africa Unite, which as you can tell by the title is an examination of the competing African nations. Then coming off the bench is John Kongos (South Africa) and the original track which the Happy Mondays covered. Plus there’s Rachid Taha of Algeria with a cover of The Clash. Also there is Tony Allen (Nigeria), Alpha Blondy (Ivory Coast) plus others.

– In The Beautiful Game there’s a look at the Americas, with associated music from Os Mutantes (Brazil), Ivana Berenstein (Argentina), La Vela Puerca (Uruguay), Pipa Para Tabaco (Paraguay), Los Tres (Chile), Santana (Mexico) with a Tito Puente cover, Vampire Weekend (USA) and finally.. Guillermo Anderson (Honduras).

– Lastly (for now, I’m sure he has more in the series and when they appear I will update this entry) there is Escape To Victory and after a pass through some European countries, representing them is: An excellent Beatles cover from Laibach, then there’s Repetitor (Serbia), some Slovakian ska music from Ska2tonics, Bonaparte (Switzerland), The Kites (Denmark) and Coin (Greece).

I’ve err…selected a few highlights… from the above posts to feature here:

World Cup mascot » The Kites – Play

» Laibach – Across The Universe

»Sultans of Ping FC – Kick Me With A Leather Ball

» John Kongos – He’s Gonna Step On You Again

4 Replies to “Be A Football & Music Spotter”

  1. Thanks a million for the write-up and the links to my site, Webbie. I’d been a big fan of Football & Music before I decided to start my own blog and it’s an honour to be featured here

    The sixth and final post in my World Cup series is titled Fever Pitch and it will appear in just over nine hours time at midday. It features music from the final seven European teams competing in South Africa, including a latin-flavoured take on Kratwerk

    By the way, I see that you’ve renamed the Sultans song 😉

  2. Pat…looking forward to the Senor Coconut postings of Kraftwerk. A mightily good take on classic techno, especially Autobahn with the non-firing car start. I shall check out each of the recommended sites with great interest over the next few weeks. I’m still waiting to see if this site will post my extended mix of Three Lions I sent on a few months back. And my ‘Mis-match Of The Day’ mix of ‘Diamond Lights’. That took me 45 minutes, and a raging hangover to put that bad boy together!!! That’s time I’m never getting back, y’know!!!

  3. I thought I posted it Darren… Didn’t I post it…? Is this why you keep leaving the comments ? I’m sure I… let me take a look… Ah it looks like I forgot. I owe you one big apology cake.

    I do remember the Diamond Lights mix you sent though and as I recall I said that we should never mention it every again. Seriously you need to burn that one with fire. Hangovers produce terrible results.

    Back to the 3 Lions though and hey – there’s an England game coming up…

  4. Webbie…no need to apologise. It would be nice to see this posted, and see if there are any reactions and comments to it. To be honest with you, I had a lot of fun messing around with it, and I do like to mess around with certain tracks, whether I’m hung over or not. I’ll be redoing Three Lions at some point, with the not-as-good 2010 version mixed in with the other versions Ive downloaded down the years. I’ll not add vomit at the end though…

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