Previously I posted about American-born now Bavaria resident Andrew White and his collaboration with the FC Bayern first team. That single actually got into the German hitparade at number #7 and hey guess what – he didn’t stop there.

In the 1990’s Bayern Munich became to be known as FC Hollywood because of some players frequently appeared in the gossip pages of the press rather than the sports pages. During this period Andrew White and the team recorded an album…of covers

Forever Number One - the album

[This isn't something new, it was previously done by the 1970 England team. ]

Pin your ears back as you listen to some cover versions sung by players including Jean-Pierre Papin, Lothar Matthäus, Olli Kahn and their manager who was… yes that’s Giovanni Trapattoni singing there.

Herr Weitz and team have a go at the Queen back catalogue before taking on Tina Turner:

» And White/FC Bayern – We Are The Champions
Quote: “…I’ve served my sentence… but committed no crime…”   You sure about that ?

» Andrew White – FC Bayern – We Will Rock You

» Andrew White/FC Bayern – Simply The Best

I’m still not done with you yet. Hey guess what… Yes that’s right.

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