The Sky Blues Are Deep In The Brown

History repeats itself…

It looks like Coventry are heading for sale and/or administration.To reflect their dire financial situation Coventry wear their old brown strip
They’ll probably lose their photogenic boss too.

That 10 point deduction (if they do go into admin) will really help them recover.
Why does the FA do this ? Stupid if you ask me…

So to show some love to the Cov, a bit of music from that fair city which nearly everyone has been sent to at some time in their life.

It’s been over 25 years since another band sang about their troubled home town and now a new bunch of kids have arrived upon the scene, again singing of their woes and yearnings to be out of there, but this time it has a twist of Weller thrown in:

The Enemy… no not the opposing side who your lot are playing this week… are a band who when you listen to them, will remind you of other past musical artists.

The Holbrook trio are big footie fans and have appeared on Soccer AM. In April next year they’ll be playing two nights at the Ricoh Arena. This is where they met their original manager John Dawkins, under the Coventry City crest in the stadium after a game between Coventry and Celtic for a testimonial match.

The question is though, will the Sky Blues still be playing there.

– Two tracks from their latest CD, which the NME raved about.
Them and the album was recently in the news because XFM’s Zane Lowe banned any of their music from his show. The subsequent publicity from their ban helped in the sale of the CD, which sold an extra 10,000 copies. The band then sent the Gold Disc awarded to them for the album sales to the DJ as a thank you.

Hmm… banned music on the radio… extra sales from it… History repeating…

As mentioned you’ll be reminded of other bands upon hearing them. More recycling of the past:

The Enemy - We'll Live And Die In These Towns

The Enemy – Away From Here

» The Enemy – We’ll Live And Die In These Towns

(Going Underground…That’s Entertainment… The Jam have reunited !
I hope somebody does a mashup.)

Away From Here
and We’ll Live And Die… So do The Enemy despise their home town that much ? Not according to Tom Clarke, who in an interview with a local newspaper talks about the album and mentions The Specials’ Ghost Town a couple of times.
Trifecta complete.

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