Sing about the goalkeeper

In the tradition of this website and the unimaginative titled posts, here is another. The tunes today are all about the tall bloke at the back, the weirdo always shouting things. The footballing version of the drummer in the band.

Sing For The Silkmen

We’ve seen these last couple of seasons a few grand old football clubs sadly go to the wall. Nearly all of them due to some dodgy ownership. But the fans, those loyal supporters will never let them die. They will help to bring their club back to life in any way possible.

One of those fans using the resources available to them is the band Glass Ankle and what better way to raise awareness to the cause is to release a song.

You remember Macclesfield…

David Bloomfield’s World In Motion

For the very first time on the Football and Music website there is an actual proper podcast. This is a collaboration with our friends at Vincerà! The story of Italia ‘90 and features the gentlemen pictured above.

Flighted Miskick

Was going to just write about a wonderful double single but decided to expand to the entire output of this one record label which was specifically set up just release football songs…