My Dad was at school with Emlyn Hughes. He was in the same class as him for some subjects.
He told me that “our Em” was exactly like you saw him – confident and maybe a bit big-headed. Dad wasn’t friends with him, but did get on with him. Emlyn, he said, was always the center of attention.

Sadly more people will probably remember Emlyn better not for his footballing achievements, but more for his subsequent television career.

Emlyn on A Question of Sport with Princess Anne

I’m assuming the history here. I’ve searched and found not much, but at some point (in my assumption) in the 80’s or early 90’s there must have been a charity that Emlyn and/or his co-singer on this single were involved with and to raise money for them somebody had the “bright” idea of recording a single.

The co-singer in question is one Suzanne Dando. Again probably better known for her post-sporting televisual career. How it came about that the footballer Emlyn Hughes would record a single with the gymnast I don’t know. I’ve searched to see if I could find any items that talked of their collaboration, but nothing found. I did however find a connection between the two of them – Roy Of The Rovers.

In 1985 Roy Race signed Emlyn, along with goalkeeper Bob Wilson because Race wanted to add experience to his Melchester side.

And tying in the Chrimbo thing – Suzanne Dando appeared in and on the cover of a Christmas issue when she starred in a panto adventure in which she was kidnapped and Roy rescued her with the assistance of a genie.

Also featured on this Christmas single is the Kingswinford Junior Choir:

Em and Dando single cover

» Emlyn Hughes with Suzanne Dando – At Christmas Time

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