Aston Villa, That’s Who

I’ve hardly posted anything FA Cup Final because the teams that have reached the final haven’t bothered themselves. Can you remember the last FA Cup final song you’ve heard in recent years ?

Hopefully because of Aston Villa’s unexpected appearance (come on, even the fans themselves thought they were a longshot) there will be a revival with the cup final songs.

After an initial search I found this great song (which I stole the title for this post) which is by The Villa Decree.
It was originally pushed as a FA Cup Semi-Final song (yes sadly that is a thing now) but is now the best song, I think, for the final:

» You can download it via iTunes.

This is from 2012 and done by Villa fan Gary Nock, who had a hit with the original ‘We can make it better’ which was later adopted by Mars for their TV advertising campaign in 2011. Gary redid the lyrics about his favourite team:

» You can download it via iTunes.

Now this next one is very notable from Paradise Forum, who bill themselves as a football-related events band. But that’s not the notable thing. Their vocalist is Steve Wythe, who is the son of Aston Villa ledgend Pete Wythe. Interesting…

– You can download is via their website.

The last one for now is an anthem that Aston Villa play. You will recognise it because it’s the classic tune by Jeff Beck:

» Jeff Beck – Hi Ho Silver Linking

I’ll add more songs if and when I find them. If you know of any, leave a comment below.

For more Villa have a listen to the Aston Villa Review podcast.


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