As promised some related Englandneworder/Worldinmotion tunes…

Embrace me

The official English entry for the 2006 contest cover their 1990 counterparts:

» Embrace – World In Motion (Live on the Chris Moyles Show

For Every Coke…

There were many (many, many, MANY ! many) CD compilations released to cash in on WC’06 and this track was buried… sadly for you, until now… in one of them:

» Offside – World In Motion
Remember those Top Of The Pops albums released in the ’70’s, when they got session musicians to record [dodgy] cover versions of the chart hits of the day ? This is a hark back to that.

Lounge Lizard

Get yer maracas out…

» Hector Cortez and his Formation – World In Motion
Yes even the Barnsey rap is in there too


Flogging A Dead…

In 2002 there was a reissue which was an attempt by the record company to get their own cash in, plus to promote yetanotherNewOrdercompilation. Five Live jumped on this bandwagon with:
‘Features the new track: “such a good thing” – BBC Radio Five Live World Cup Theme’ [More info] Since when did 5Live start playing music again ?

» New Order – Such A Good Thing

Route (19)66

Saving the best to last. This is a radical reworking/flashbacking project by Hull based DJ and mixer epicentre. More about – and from him another time.

» World in Motion (Epicentre’s Route 66 Remix)

Coming soon: Some related video.

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