In The Argentines

Yesterday it was 1966 and all that, today we move on to the 1978 World Cup which took place in Argentina.

1978 World Cup - Argentina

These were the finals which included the best ever Scottish team never to win the cup, as well as Archie Gemmill and that goal.

And like in 1966 it was the host country what won it. That team included one Osvaldo César Ardiles and Ricardo Julio “Ricky” Villa.

Wikipedia has the full story of the whole tournament.

As for the music… well as mentioned Scotland had probably the best players they’ve ever had and there were a few songs released to celebrate their appearance. But those are for another day. For this post, like yesterday’s we are concentrating on some songs that commemorate the event.

The best of this lot, in my opinion is from a much underrated singer Moon Williams.     A note about this next song from his own site:

…Before the next release Moon secured a deal to record the theme song for a six week TV series on the World Cup. The series was called Game of the Century and the song was called Argentina Heroes. This beautiful ballad encouraged the England team to come back as Argentina Heroes – sadly the England team never got the chance to go, let alone return. They failed to qualify. The record company failed to get the single out for week one of the series and thus missed a golden opportunity to chart. It finally drifted out in week 5 of the series and went straight to no 67 and then the series ended. Coupled together with the failure of England to qualify no one, except Moon and his management, saw any point in continuing the push.

Moon Williams

» Moon Williams – Argentina Heroes

Next up: Ennio Morricone, which is a name that should ring a bell. He composed the soundtracks for A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly plus loads and loads more.

Ennio Morricone

» Ennio Morricone – World Cup Argentina

Finally one from a local band:

Buenos Aires Band

» Buenos Aries City Band – World Cup March

2 Replies to “In The Argentines”

  1. Richard Maguire says:

    Just listened to the Moon Williams track and it reminded me: I am sure I’ve not seen reference to Rod Stewart’s ‘Ole Ola’ from 78 (I may have missed an earlier post – if so apologies).

    ‘We’ve got Dalglish, Buchan and Macari
    We’ve got Big Joe jordan racing down the middle…’
    etc, etc.
    Remember it? Do you have it? Kitsch and hubristic as it was, I’d love to hear it again.


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