No Longer Outstanding

Andy Cole at the control of a jumbo jetI’m not writing that as a taunt, but as a comment on his efforts to prolong his playing time when it was obviously over.

I can understand footballers wanting to starve off retirement, because as we’ve seen when you finally stop there is a danger of going on a downward spiral. Some are fortunate, some are forward thinking and plan ahead and either go into coaching or sit there on the couch looking at Gary’s permanent tan.

“Don’t call me Andy !” was one of those who wanted to keep turning out. Wanted to keep on knocking them in.

Other strikers who used to be in the headlines have also tried to stay on the pitch and eventually end up turning out for some 3rd Division team in the Leyland DAF Trophy. It is a sad sight and it was beginning to look like it was going that way for Cole, so it is good thing that the realisation has set it. Maybe it should have triggered before his last move because it has now left a bit of an unwanted postscript on what was a dazzling career.

But it doesn’t matter either way. Despite people’s memories of him, sadly he’s not talked about or seen in the same light as other legendary Newcastle or Man Utd strikers. The records will still show that Mr A. Cole was indeed outstanding on the field – as discussed here by the Guardian’s Rob Smyth back in February 2007.

As it seemed to happen with other strikers, when they had their face plastered all over the magazines and on the television, Andy – as he was known back then – also took to the recording studio to try out a pop career.

And as it always seemed to happen with other strikers too – it didn’t.

But mad props to you Andrew for doing a rap song that had some.. interesting lyrics, but also some positive ones:

I’m sharp like a razor / Speed to amaze ya / Beat ya like Ali did Joe Frazier

“United forever / Whatever the weather / Less than a hundred per cent? Never!

“Seven-point-five mill record-maker / Rapping on the mic I’m a record-breaker / Got my kicks from hitting the net / Never from drugs: You bet!”

Also has a line in the song about saying no to racism. This was something that Andy was at the forefront. Can’t find the full lyrics but you can listen for yourself:

Andy Cole - Outstanding » Andy Cole – Outstanding

->There’s obviously a video too:

-> Only a few weeks ago there were some Notts Forest fans who were campaigning to get his single into the charts. (When it was first released it failed to make the top 40.)

-> More photographs including the one above can be found in the Gallowgate Gallery

-> Show Racism The Red Card


The posts in the last few days were songs about footie players and this one is by a footie player.

There was a song done in Andy’s barcodes days in which his 40th goal for Newcastle was celebrated. I’m including it here because it continues the songs about… theme but because of the badness(?) (is that a word ?) of the song it means that Cole, if he does make the F&M team, it would be on the bench.

» Harry Palmer – The Andy Cole Song

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