And now the chorus… Leeds United

Possibly one of the weirdest songs with a tenious… well more than tenious, the track mentions the team and about supporting them BUT it isn’t specifically about Leeds United the football club. Luke Haines sings about supporting them in the 70’s, but more about what it was like in the 1970’s up there watching Kendo Nagasaki on the wrestling, Jimmy Saville on Jim’ll Fix It and about the Leeds fans taunting the police because they couldn’t catch Peter Sutcliffe – the Yorkshire Ripper.

You may or may not have heard of Luke Haines, who was in previous bands The Auteurs and Black Box Recorder. If you read the NME then you will have. He is a an artist who has been around for ages but never quite hit the big time. Always does catchy songs with a cutting message or meaning to them and nearly always mentions a famous subject.
Read his bio on Wikipedia:

This track was released on an EP last March and taken from (a self description ?) “Off My Rocker At The Art School Bop

Luke Haines - Leeds United

Song not available to download because this is a current (2007) release. If you really like this then go and buy it.

Incidentally how are dirtyLeeds getting on in the old 3rd Division ?

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