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» Fat Les – Jerusalem

» Chariots Of Fire Soundtrack – Vangelis – Jerusalem

» The Clash – This Is England

» The Clash – This Is England (Unreleased Version)

– Interesting snippet I never knew until now:

[Via Wikipedia]   Written in late 1983, the song is about the state of Britain, a more focused variant of “Straight to Hell”, mixed with choruses calling for national identity.
The song makes up an accurate list of the problems in Britain circa 1984, addressing inner-city violence (particularly knives), urban alienation, life on council estates, unemployment, Britain’s dying motorcycle industry, a South Atlantic winter that had recently killed hundreds of young Britons, racism and police corruption as well as two very common subject matters in the mid-’80s – the Falklands War and the consumerist, subservient mind-set of many of Britons at the time.

The Jam

» The Jam – English Rose

» The Jam – Just Who Is The 5 O’Clock Hero

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One Reply to “And Did Those Feet In Ancient Time”

  1. I think “5 O’Clock Hero” is one of the most under-rated Jam songs. Even though it was a single, most people don’t seem to know it at all.
    It’s a shame really because it has a particularly good set of Weller lyrics. Admittedly some of the things he says in it sound a little dated now, but it’s good to remember how he used to be a proper, angry songwriter.

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