“Welcome back.”
Frost reports
“If you’ve just joined us – before the break we were discussing songs done about players and was on a sub-theme of goalkeepers.”

“Previously we talked about Olli Kahn and a Dundee United legend – Hamish McAlpine.”

“Today we continue and conclude the tangent about the shot stoppers , which will also be the introduction to another detour – this time all the songs are specifically about players from one particular club…”

– –

I’ve actually issued a challenge to myself here – to post songs about individuals from that one club which would make up an entire starting XI.

Starting with…

David Seaman

image via looksgoodonpaper.co.uk

Question: Did he grow that 'tail before Manu Petit arrive or was it after...?

…and why didn’t he get rid of that ‘tashe when he had the tail ? They looked very dodgy together.

– Unlike other songs this isn’t one that sings the praises of the player. More of a pisstake really.

The track was done by “The Lillies”, which included members of Lush and Moose. It is about a goal Gary Lineker scored for Spurs against Arsenal in the 1991 FA Cup Semi-Final.

There’s actually a entry on Wikipedia about them – and the song:

…were an indie rock band formed as a collaboration between members of the bands Cocteau Twins (Simon Raymonde), Lush (Miki Berenyi, Chris Acland) and Moose (Kevin McKillop, Russell Yates).

They released only one song titled “And David Seaman Will Be Very Disappointed About That…”, which appeared on a flexi-disc that came with the Tottenham Hotspur football fanzine The Spur (Issue 24, September 1991). The band members were all Tottenham fans, and recorded the track at the suggestion of The Spur’s editor Stuart Mutler. “And David Seaman…” commemorates the 3-1 victory over Arsenal FC in the FA Cup semi-final in May 1991. After rejecting suggestions that they should record a cover version of an old football song, such as “Nice One Cyril“, they decided to come up with an original song. The only discernible vocals on the track are Miki Berenyi chanting “Three-one”. Yates said of the track: “…we’ve all been Spurs fans for years, and for myself making this flexi has probably made me more proud than making any Moose record”

The Lillies » The Lillies – And David Seaman Will Be Very Disappointed By That…

As with all good teams you build from that back so I’ve got my ‘keeper.
Next up it’ll be members of the back four.

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