…With Ally’s Tartan Army

- This is a follow-up to last week's post about Argentina in 1978.

Previously it was the whole tournament and the music associated with it, today we are looking at the Scotland team, who at the time had a few world class players amongst them.

Scotland - the tartan army

But unfortunately apart from one brief moment they didn’t perform up to their potential and went home after the first round.

I’m sure the Scotia fans don’t want me to go over it here, but if you do want to be reminded of the events then click here.

The music before they were sent off to South America was obviously very upbeat and celebratory. Especially since they beat England before this and they weren’t going.

There were a couple of acts who got in on this cup fever, the first one was a comedian:

Andy Cameron » Andy Cameron – Andy’s Tartan Army

Sample lyrics: “We’re on the march wi’ Ally’s Army, We’re going tae the Argentine, And we’ll really shake them up, When we win the World Cup, ‘Cos Scotland is the greatest football team.

We’re representing Britain, And we’re gaunny do or die, England cannae dae it, ‘Cos they didnae qualify!”

Then like Tottenham with Chas n’ Dave there’s a musical artist always associated with Scotland who’s seemingly always there when they need a song. This time old Rod the mod went with a samba:

Rod the mod » Rod Stewart – Ole Ola (MulheraBrasileira)

Sample lyrics: “Ole ola, Ole ola
We’re gonna bring that World Cup back from over thar, Ole ola, Ole ola, We’re gonna bring that World Cup back from over thar…”

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