It’s getting closer and closer to that annual big seasonal event (to see if the latest X Factor winner has the number 1, naturally) and you are wondering… Will we be punished again like last year, (and the year before and the year before that)…. Or will we be spared for once ?

Well guess what you lucky people:

Who is it behind the question mark ? Click to find out

Who is the mystery man behind the question mark ? Click the image to find out...

Found via the brilliant Italian language music website Orrore a 33 Giri (Horror at 33 rpm), this particular football and Christmas music is something that the football players involved would have certainty liked to have kept buried in the past.
But no. Not when Footie&Music is around and is looking to inflict the annual festive audio pain upon your ears.

And all the best of the season to you too.

The year: 1986. The country: Italy. The occasion: An Xmas charity record.

The participants…Names have to be named. The guilty must be known….

Alessandro Altobelli, Giancarlo Antognoni, Daniel Bertoni, Zbigniew Boniek, Liam Brady, Antonio Cabrini, Bruno Conti, Dan Corneliusson , Dirceu, Edinho, Preben Elkjaer, Giovanni Galli, Francesco Grazian, Ruud Gullit, Júnior, Wim Kieft, Marino Magrin, Daniele Massaro, Michel Platini (who’s mug we see above, he was the lead in all this), Paolo Rossi, Karl Heinz Rummenigge, Glenn Strömberg, Aleksandar Trifunovic.

The coming together of all these football stars as mentioned for a charity.

The Wikipedia entry (in Italian, google translated into English) says:

“Hallelujah is a song pop – Christmas in the English language in Italy for charity (in support of Caritas ) on the occasion of Christmas 1986 and sung by a group of players (accompanied by a chorus of kids who sing the chorus) from the Italian league (plus Ruud Gullit , who had played for the following year), which met for the occasion under the name of Football Stars…

Lyrics & Music :

The words of the song are ideally addressed to a poor child or otherwise in distress, to which it offers its help and their friendship, inviting him to confide in and turn your tears into smiles.

The reference to Christmas is in the chorus , both in the initial part of the track , where the boys of the choir repeated the phrase living the Christmastime , and at the end of the track , where in addition to the formula Alleluja are repeated formulas of greeting Christmas in English ( Merry Christmas ), Spanish ( Feliz Navidad ), French ( Bon Noël )”

» Read the full entry. If you use Google Chrome it will automatically translate the page.

The cover of the single

» Football Stars – Alleluia

The song was introduced in an episode of an Italian TV programme Fantastico and lucky for us somebody posted it on YouTube:

But it doesn’t end there… We haven’t finished yet. Come back.

Two years later most of these football players – with Gullit in the lead this time (because as we know he likes to hum a tune) gathered together again to do another charity single. This grouping gave themselves the name of… quite egotistically… “The Champions” – the song title is “No More” and luckily for you there really is no more information about this one:

» The Champions – No More

If you do know more about the above song then please mail us.

– And if the sight and sounds of footballers gathering and getting all touchy feely for charity (mate) then have a look at this from the World Cup in 2002.

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