I had one of those “seemed like a good idea at the time” moments, but this time I actually saw it through.
I decided to create a page which has a song for every country taking part in the 2014 World Cup.
I imaginatively called it…


World Cup

That’s a link, go and click it.

Like the title of this site that page does as it says on the tin. A song for every country. BUT – I wasn’t that successful at finding something for each country for this World Cup. In those cases I’ve added a filler until something better can be found.

Here are the quick links to each group:
Group A,   Group B,   Group C,   Group D,   Group E,   Group F,   Group G,   Group H
If you go to the page you’ll find additional quick links to each country.

The ones where I don’t have a 2014 World Cup song for that country are:
Australia, Colombia, Ivory Coast, Japan, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Russia.

So if you know of a World Cup song – official or unofficial – for any of these leave a comment below, or send a tweet to @FootieAndMusic. Thank you for your help.

» From all of those 32 songs I’ve got three five which have become favourites:


From the official drinks partner/sponsor in Brazil there’s this from Gaby Amarantos which shouldn’t just be another sponsor song. The Brazilian people hate the official song from Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez because it sucks. Which is does. Gaby’s song should be the one:

Swiss…or Spain…or everybody !

Including this one because of the curiosity: Loco Escrito is a Swiss born (German speaker) who sing/raps – in Spanish. This looks less like a song for Switzerland and more like just a general WM song:


Ervin from Hackney Dragons is a Bosnian living in London and with his mate Emir created this (which has English translation):


There is seriously high standard of songs associated with Ghana. There’s a slower song from The Big Slash feat. Papa Owura which you should go and watch. But the one that beat that is this from Noella Wiyaala.
It is a very uplifting song which makes me excited for the World Cup competition. Let’s start it now !


Including this one because I created the montage video for the song (because it didn’t have one). It is by Washington DC born Kwami Darko:

These are my choices. Go to the following page to find yours – and as I said if you can help find a 2014 WC song for teams without one, let me know.


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