An additional/postscript to the Ajax Footballers Singing, – a collection of songs also on the subject of Ajax.

Beginning with their biggest supporter – and after reading about her life you’ll want to hear more.

Tante Leen (English: Auntie Leen, January 28, 1912 — August 5, 1992) was a Dutch folk singer from Amsterdam, Netherlands. She didn’t perform live until she was 43.

Tante Leen was a strong supporter of association football club AFC Ajax, releasing several records dedicated to the club, such as Ajax Hup Hup Hup, Ajax and Ajax is niet dood! a duet with Johnny Jordaan.

Tante Leen

Sadly I don’t have Ajax Hup Hup Hup. But I do have her Ajax song released in 1969:

» Tante Leen – Ajax

As it mentions above she released the single Ajex is neit dood! (Ajax is not dead!) with Johnny Jordaan.

» Tante Leen en Johnny Jordaan – Ajax is neit dood!

Ajax is not dead..?   Why would they sing this song with such a strange title ? Well the reason was that a few months before another singer named Gerard Cox (a supporter of rival football club Feyenoord) released a single called ‘Ajax is dood…!’

Ignore the year it displays above, this was released in 1970.   Cox later regretted releasing this song and had trouble getting any work in Amsterdam afterwards.

Next up we move on to the 1970’s and this from De Specials (not The obviously, they were a Dutch band with the same name) and their song: “Ajax wint de wereldcup” (Ajax will win the World Cup)

The reasons why this band decided that in 1971, the Ajax team would win the World Cup, well… they didn’t actually. It was just some sort of bizarre cash-in on their part. The band were in the studio recording a song celebrating the of the Dutch speedskater Ard Schenk. He had just won gold in the 1971 World Championships and they released the single Ard Die Heeft De Wereldcup! (More info) And since they were there and since they hired this orchestra, they might as well alter the lyrics ever so slightly and sing about the recent title winning Ajax team.

We now move to 1972 and to a bloke who later on was seen hanging around with small blue creatures.
Vader Abraham met zijn goede zonen

Known in the Netherlands as Vader Abraham (Vader being the Dutch for Father – yes that’s right, Darth Father. The clue was there all along. Sorry if that’s just spoilt Empire Strikes Back for you). Before he was singing with Smurfs though he was doing comedy records as “Vader Abraham met zijn goede zonen” (Father Abraham and his good sons)

With his first single on the subject of Ajax (yes there was more than one) he also borrowed a very, very familiar tune – mostly associated with Chelsea – for this song:
» Father Abraham and his sons – Ajax, leve Ajax !

His other song, not as memorable, was released in 1973 and called ‘Ajax Wint De Europacup’
Take a wild guess as what they were singing about:

Keeping on the children’s entertainment bit for a second – I would like to point you in the direction of this downright weird thing, but if you are from the Netherlands it may seem perfectly normal.
Released in 1972 the title (translated) is: “Ajax will touch him” … No it doesn’t really translate does it.

I found via this website a sort of description about the track. (Again translated):

“Who does not know? Ed and William Beaver, the best known animals from Mr. Owl Fable. And they can also sing … ‘Hup daar is Willem with the pipe wrench, “she sang ever. It was their best known and most successful hit. But followed the Fable were Ajax operations in the European Cup and then Ajax heyday, it had become for Ed and William Beaver this time to sing a song and immortalize it on vinyl. Thus came in 1971 with the hit “Ajax will hit him.” The single came on June 5 in the Dutch Top 40, there was two weeks and got no further than the 30th place. This month’s “Ajax will hit him ‘Ed and William Beaver Song of the Month.”
Wrapping this up now with a terrible wailing tribute to Ajax doing the treble:

Well that was…

*runs away very fast*

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