Just like the name of the website, this post does as it says on the tin. I have searched for then gathered together a collection of voetbal players who played for Ajax and also released a single.

Ajax players singing

We begin in the 1970’s and there’s one name which here in Blighty we remember keenly. And that name was Arnold Mühren.

In his time playing for Ajax he won the Eredivisie twice. Also the Dutch Cup, the Intercontinental Cup, the European Cup and the UEFA Super Cup. He also did this with his older brother Gerrie.
– And not only that they found time to record not one, but two singles:

Gerrie and Arnold Muhren 1973 single
This was released in 1973 and is called: “Ajax is de koning van de mat” (Ajax is the king of the mat)

No really. That is the actual translation. A literal translation would mean kings of the game…?

» Gerrie and Arnold Mühren – Ajax is de koning van de mat

Gerrie and Arnold Muhren single - 1974
Then a year later they teamed up again for this one: “De hele wereld zal het weten” (The whole world will know)

The photo of them was from when they won the UEFA Cup with Ajax, but the year was 1974 and the title of the song reflects that. Along with some bloke called Cryuff and a few others, the Dutch national team were at the height of their powers. The World (Cup) will know about them.

» Gerrie and Arnold Muhren – De hele wereld zal het weten

They actually did get very close, but lost 2-1 in the final to the hosts, West Germany.

Fast forwarding now and staying on the subject of the World Cup: 1990.
I have to admit I am cheating slightly with this one. They did play for Ajax but at the time of recording this single these two players were teammates again – this time at AC Milan.

Marco and Frank
But as mentioned this was done in the run up to Italia ’90 and the ex-Ajax, now Milan colleagues were Frank Rijkaard and Marco van Basten.

The title of the single, done on behalf of the Dutch national team was: “Het Is Fijn In Italië Te Zijn” (It is fine in Italy to be)

{The audio is via Bide et Musique} It was from an album featuring all the Holland players at Italia 90 – Feest Met Oranje. If anybody has that full album that they could send me, would be eternally grateful.
» Marco van Basten and Frank Rijkaard – Het Is Fijn In Italië Te Zijn

Jumping ahead a few years now and in 2009 it was the ex-Ajax winger Ryan Babel, halfway through his drawing a wage at Liverpool but not doing much to justify his presence… guest rapped on a single.
He appears from about the two minute mark:

Darryl Ft. Ali B, Soumia & Rio (Ryan Babel) – Eeyeeyo!
Finally we come to something released in 2012. It was partly in celebration of winning another league title, but also to raise money for the Ajax (charity) Foundation. This single involved the entire Ajax football team, you’ll see Dennis Bergkamp and the boss at the time, Frank de Boer in the video. And yes, Ryan Babel got himself involved as well. There’s a bonus bit at the end of the video with an appearance from Edwin van der Sar. Didn’t fancy getting in the singing himself. Sensible lad.

Ajax & Friends – Wij zijn Ajax (We are Ajax)

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