Africa Cup Of Nations

So the Africa Cup Of Nations is on right now…

Africa Cup Of Nations…

I’m sorry but I don’t have much interest in this although I know I should have. There are plenty of Premier League players taking part. Plus loads of football scouts down there too.

They say that America is slowly waking up to (soccer) football, but they are taking too long to open their eyes. The will eventually get on board and I can also see the USA challenging for that trophy – it’s in their nature to discover something and want to dominate and win everything. But at the moment Africa is the emerging nation which I hope after a safe and exciting World Cup in 2010 will probably have an explosion of talent similar to that of the South Americans and we’ll see players playing for teams dotted around the world. (We already do, but more so after the continent see for themselves the full soccer carnival.) Then eventually we’ll see an African country winning a World Cup. Which one I don’t know, it’s the same as with the Africa Cup Of Nations at the moment, any team could take it. There are no favourites or big teams when it comes to the final tournaments.

Music-wise, as I was reading of all the ACoN coverage I dug around to see if I had anything related and found a couple of things »

Roger Milla. The Cameroon player who brought African football to everybody’s attention.

In 1990 whilst watching Italia ’90 we all named a 2nd team as our adopted team, one that we would follow (as well as England) throughout the tournament and keep an eye on their progress.
I chose Cameroon.

Suffice to say that as these outsiders progressed the more amazed and excited I was, until they faced England and Milla helped to give us that scare in the quarter finals.

He came back and played again in the 1994 World Cup and at 42 became the oldest player to score in a World Cup. Roger is now legendary in his country, they even issued a stamp of him:

Roger Milla stamp

… and I found a track by “The Rainbow Choir” which when you hear it is a bit weak and not befitting his status:

» The Rainbow Choir – Roger Milla Is My No9 Dream

There’s no info to be found on this mysterious Rainbow Choir. I actually have some more footie/musical songs by them, singing about different subjects and players. But as to who they are and what the deal is with these recordings I don’t know. I suspect they are just session singers – a studio group.
I’ll post more of their “work” another time.

Next up though is a genuine African group and two tracks covering soccer:

Real Sounds Of Africa

Real Sounds Of Africa are a 12 piece band from Zimbabwe who have one CD available via Cherry Red Records. Their album Get Real was produced by that Brighton & Hove fan Norman Cook and includes this one:

» Real Sounds Of Africa – Soccer Fan

Not on this CD which is a shame because in my opinion it is one of the best footie/musical outputs I’ve found. Tornados vs Dynamos (3-3)… seriously, that’s what it’s called… is a 13 minute opus with the commentary to a Zimbabwean football match, played over a backing of chiming, humming guitars and a guest appearance by The Rev. Canaan Banana.

So sit back and listen to this match:

» Real Sounds – Tornados vs Dynamos

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