Alas poor....

About this time last year I wrote about two clubs in the Championship (old Division 2) who were in danger of the drop down to the third tier of league football. One of them did go and the other somehow survived.

The one who went down is now back and stronger than before.

The other who somehow managed to escape and play another Championship season is now doomed again, but not just for relegation – they may actually disappear forever.

I’m saddened to read this because you never want to see a club completely fold. I am more saddened I think for the fans because it’s them who get punished and lose their team because of the ineptitude of a few suits upstairs.

I hope that there will be a similar to Luton type of rescue of the club (Fred Dinenage where are you ? Oh he’s a Pompey boy, never mind) and that for the sake of the fans and the players, that they do continue onwards.

– Some music and a few versions of a classic song which is associated with the club:

A crying Saints fan » Louis Armstrong – When The Saints Go Marchin’ In

» The All-Star Marching Band – When The Saints Go Marching In

» Don Bowyer – When The Saints Go Marching In

More of this sort of thing (multiple versions of the same song) to be be posted tomorrow/whenever.

3 Replies to “Oh When The Saints Go Out Of Existence…”

  1. jim benton -evans
    i dont agree for a charity song written in 1 night i think its great. i dont think anyone can complain as its a charity song , i didnt see you getting up of your ass to write one?
    i think its brill they domated sales of it toward the club. never knock a gift horse in the mouth. if you do your either a fool or just plain stupid!

  2. Hello Mike,

    1) It’s dreadful. Whatever excuses you want to call up for it, it’s dreadful.

    2) The notion that, if it’s for charity, the quality doesn’t matter, is patronising, muddle-headed and offensive. If it’s for charity the quality should matter MORE.

    3) Why would I want to write a charity song for Southampton? As far as I’m concerned the quicker they go bust the better.

    4) Do you mix your own metaphors, or have you got a Kenwood to do it for you?

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