To paraphrase what a warmonger once said – you play the next game with the players that you have.

I know that some of them are the players that you might not want or wish that Fabio had chosen, but it’s too late now. These are the 23… 22½… that are there now representing our country and although you will disagree with some selections, you have to put it to the back of your mind and support those who are on the pitch tonight.

As we’ve seen after the sleepy first games things are warming up now. Some teams are waking up and other “bigger” ones are either in a daze or still slumbering. You can’t ever let your guard down.

At the time of writing Group C is: Slovenia with 4 points, the USA with 2 points & Algeria on zero.
A win tonight would set it up very nicely for the last game and as to who England would be playing next (if they do progress to the last 16, as I said never take anything for granted) is still up in the air.

That’s my very quick England rallying call. A bit of a cautious one because of potential banana skins.

– A different type of tune to go with this one and a sequel to the Acapella Germany post the other day.
As you can tell from the title it is another a capella tune from an English perspective.

The name of the group is Dutch Uncles and normally they use instruments but in this instance they went with voice only.

It’s been a busy couple of months for Dutch Uncles. The Manchester band released their debut single ‘The Ink’ only last week as well recording a Maida Vale session for Radio 1 and completing a full UK tour with The Futureheads. Whilst on the road the band decided they would record their own World Cup song.

Dutch Uncles always enjoy breaking convention – Robin from the band advises… “The composition is based around eleven motifs representing a possible England line up for the World Cup finals. Each motif is in a different time signature corresponding with the shirt numbers worn by each player. For Example, number 7 Aaron Lennon has a repeating melody in 7/8. Think Oliver Messiaen meets Fat Les…”

» Read more…

Dutch Uncles » Dutch Uncles – Fabio Acapella

As mentioned above they have a new single out which you can listen to here:

Dutch Uncles - New single Dutch Uncles - The Ink:

– and you can purchase that via the Love & Disaster Shop.

A bit more of a mute England supporting post and song, but I’m pacing myself. Hoping that they’ll still be in the later rounds for a footballing reason, but also because I’ve still got a few England songs lined up to get out. The next (England) one will be done before kick off on Wednesday.

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  1. What the hell happened today? I thought the US and England were supposed to be the faves in this group. The way they are playing it’s totally possible that Slovenia and Algeria are the ones that get out.

    Great track BTW. I used to sing a cappella I can tell you 99.9999% of it is crap. That track was cool (even if not technically a cappella)

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