I mentioned in the other post about this site being run by an expat Brit in the USA. I’ve decided to balance things up by asking my American buddy Steve to give us a quick introduction to Euro 2016 from his viewpoint. Take it away Steve:

Soccer is growing here in the States. When I drive past the high schools I see lots of soccer fields being built. They’ve cleared our some woods and natural habits all over the place. Occasionally I even see some girls kicking a ball about. And what about that Mia Hamm huh ? I hear she’s real good.
We here “across the pond” have been watching your games. Some of them are on a Sunday morning which is good cause the TV at that time really sucks! Sometimes they put them on instead of the NFL draft. What’s that about ?! But then it help when we are back in the office and are able to talk to our latino colleagues about about that Cristiano Ronaldo guy. What is it with him ? Never keeps his jersey on. Looks like one of my GI Joe action figures that I dropped in honey that one time…

We are also aware that the Euro tournament is very soon. All those games! The start time for some of them isn’t good for us though. Some of them are 8am here, but I’m not complaining. Something to keep one eye on and distract us from our jobs.

As I said we know your game, but there might be a few guys tuning in that don’t know the terms used by the color commentators or your play-by-play announcers. Here are some of their terms in American for you:

Adverts : Commercials (hardly see any. How do these guys make money?)

Changing or dressing room : Locker room

Dive : Flop

Penalty shoot-out: PK’s

Shot on goal : On frame

Robbie Savage : Alexi Lalas

Robbie Savage and Alexi Lalas

Half time : Interval

“Opened his account” : Scored his first goal

Sent off : Ejected from the game

Touchline : Sideline

Draw : Tied

Kit : Soccer uniform

I heard that they got a French guy David Guetta, who is a DJ, to do the official anthem for the tourney.
DJ ? That’s not a job, it’s a hobby. If you are talentless then you are a DJ. Paris Hilton is a DJ.

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