Not me, today’s featured musical artists. More about them in a moment. But first, let’s talk Spanish…

Iniesta grounded

Before they go into their game against Honduras in a couple of hours their situation is grim.
With Chile winning their 2nd game in Group H it means that Spain obviously have to win.
Hey I’ve just rhymed there…

The question is then – Was the Swiss game just a blip or have they caught that “big” team underperforming bug ? It seems that the pre-ordained World Cup champions let all the hype get to them and nerves set in. Now they’ve seen what others have done, it will be the all business Spain team from now on.

If they do manage to get back on track there’s the choice of Brazil or Portugal for them in the next round.

For now I’m not going to be putting my money on them but there’s a couple of Scotia boys who have…

This is a comedy song written by two guys from Glasgow and performed by Big Rab Duvall and Wee Bilko Smiley:

» Burnt Breed – A Tenner On Spain To Win

Extra note: I read some devastating news as I was writing this post, but like Uncle Frank after he learnt of his cancer – the show must go on.

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