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Do you know what, I’ve got tired of this unofficial England song thing. I’m shaking my fist at you Fabio and the F.A. Damn you, damn you all for inflicting this upon us. Do you know how many “unofficial songs” there are out there ? I mean four years ago there were dozens, but now thanks to this cursed interweb there are hundreds and hundreds and…

Why couldn’t the those bloody overstuffed suits pick a random name out a hat and said to them: “You do something and we’ll say yeah alright that’ll be the official song.” There are many acts out there, such as Kid British for example, who could have done something.

Or even better – get Dreadzone to re-release The Lions Shirt from 2006. That was criminally ignored and deserves another airing.

As you can tell this is the last in the knockout competition. I’ll still be posting the England songs, there are a few nice people who took the time to email me rather than spamming in the comments and for them they will get a dedicated post. Plus I might do a round up and list some of the more half-decent tunes nearer the time. But for now this is the last one to vote upon. A last chance to show support for your act.

So who are the contenders taking part this time ? The winner of Round 6 of the competition was…

God Save Our Team

For the 4th week in succession. Their followers have made sure that it wins every round.

Once again a reminder of the victors tune:

We don’t need your Ronaldo, don’t need your Robinho
Don’t need Torres, Messi, Kaka – our defence blunts your attack

And we don’t need Iniesta, we don’t need your Arshavin
Don’t need Ballack, Xavi, Klose – our midfield is taking over

Come on, come on England
Come on, come on England

We don’t need Cannavaro, don’t need Carlos Puyol
You’d need Baresi and Costacurta – players like ours are bound to hurt ya

We don’t need Alex Ferguson, don’t need your Morinho
Don’t need Hiddink or Scolari – we are Fabio’s barmy army

Come on, come on England
Come on, come on England

We’re gonna score one more than you!

Bobby Moore is watching over us
Jackie Milburn watching over us
Dixie Dean is watching over us
Billy Wright is watching over us

Duncan Edwards watching over us
Stanley Matthews watching over us
Bobby Robson watching over us
Alf Ramsey watching over us

Now, come on England!
Come on, come on England!

Purchase this song via iTunes.
– More info is on their MySpace page or via their Facebook Fanpage.

– – –

Their final opponents for now is…

The Skatoons

The Skatoons

As you can tell from the name, Ska is their genre of music they cover. Now I like a bit of ska plus the fact that this lot are Brit Expats like me helped out too. But I didn’t choose them just because they are exiles, selected because this is a great tune. Very infectious.

A quick bio on the band:

The Skatoons are a 7 piece Ska band formed early in 2004. The group are based in Lanzarote, Canary Islands.

The original idea to form a Ska band came from original bass player Bob and current keyboard and trumpet player Chris. The group started practicing in Charmers Bar, Playa Blanca. Within 3 months the boys had their first gig in the same venue. A night was held at Medieval times entitiled “Lanz´ska´rote night” shortly after which put them firmly on the map. The band continue to go from strength to strength with a blistering performance at Lanzaid 2005 infront of 5,000 people.

The band continue to expand their set and are currently in the process of writing original material.

The Skatoons The Skatoons - The World Cup's Waiting For You

Link to video

Again like many of the others I don’t know what their intentions are with releasing this, so stream only.

– Find out more about the band: http://www.theskatoons.mfbiz.com
– They are also on Facebook.

Final time to decide then:

God Save Our Team v The Skatoons

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  1. On behalf of the band, thanks very much to Webbie for putting us in the competition, and to all the people who’ve voted. Especially if you voted for us 😉

    All the best to you all.

    God Save Our Team

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