Sing for them

Update: And the winner is…

Thank you once again to those of you who took the time to vote for your favourite song.
A great turn out and as I said the other week this competition is hotting up.
Lots of votes with the result going 56% for one and 44% for the other.

So then who was the victor from Round 5…?

Well that would be…

God Save Our Team

For the third week running now !

Congratulations and very well done to them.

An encore from the current title holders:

We don’t need your Ronaldo, don’t need your Robinho
Don’t need Torres, Messi, Kaka – our defence blunts your attack

And we don’t need Iniesta, we don’t need your Arshavin
Don’t need Ballack, Xavi, Klose – our midfield is taking over

Come on, come on England
Come on, come on England

We don’t need Cannavaro, don’t need Carlos Puyol
You’d need Baresi and Costacurta – players like ours are bound to hurt ya

We don’t need Alex Ferguson, don’t need your Morinho
Don’t need Hiddink or Scolari – we are Fabio’s barmy army

Come on, come on England
Come on, come on England

We’re gonna score one more than you!

Bobby Moore is watching over us
Jackie Milburn watching over us
Dixie Dean is watching over us
Billy Wright is watching over us

Duncan Edwards watching over us
Stanley Matthews watching over us
Bobby Robson watching over us
Alf Ramsey watching over us

Now, come on England!
Come on, come on England!

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– More info is on their MySpace page or via their Facebook Fanpage.

– – –

A new challenger is needed and this week it comes from Mark Downey.

When choosing a song for this knockout I like to find something that isn’t your usual England song suspect. I’ve received lots of emails from people either submitting their own tune or suggesting a song for the competition. Thank you to all who took the time to contact me. I’ll eventually get through them, but this one stood out this week because it doesn’t go down the obvious route. It avoids all the cliche’s, plus the singer uses traditional instruments to accompany him. As I said not your usual suspect.

It’s written and sung by Mark Downey. Recorded and produced by Ged Flood.
Don’t know anything more about them apart from that.

Because I’m not sure of their intentions (with the song being released) this one is stream only.

England Mark Downey - The Writing's On The Wall (England All The Way):

- Video

Your turn now. Who takes this round ? Is it the 3 week champion or the newcomer ?
Please vote:

God Save Our Team v Mark Downey

As normal the result and next round same time…same channel.

– If you want to submit a song to be featured then Contact us here.

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