Blow your vuvazela

UPDATE: Round 2 voting closed – Round 3 here.

The poll has closed for the 1st round and the winner is…

-+ The Shining Hour +-

He will now go up against our next contenders… Blind Granny’s Taxi Nightmare

These chaps have previous with an England World Cup song having previously released a previous version (have I said previous enough ?) of this tune four years ago. They have updated the lyrics > from Sven to Fabio > and are going to have another bash.

The song in question is one I didn’t mention in my 2006 coverage. The reason why was because when Blind Granny’s Taxi Nightmare first released this re-worded cover, it was overshadowed by a well known name who released his own version at the same time. But now they have another chance with their take on an old Jeff Beck classic:

Blind Granny's Taxi Nightmare Blind Granny's Taxi Nightmare - Hi Ho Come On England (2010)

The song is a bit laddish, but obviously has a very strong and familiar chorus which can easily be chanted on the terraces in the plastic seats.

- Find out more about Blind Granny's Taxi Nightmare on their Facebook Fanpage.

...and now a reminder from last week's victor:

The Shining Hour The Shining Hour - To England With Love:

- plus an additional song from them:

The Shining Hour - The Story Of Us



The winner will be declared once again this time next week.

- If you have a song or want to put one up for the vote then Contact us here.

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  1. highly shoutable .. AAMOF I can hear already the lads bellowing from where I sit .. not new or all that original but catchy. bonus point foe the band name 😀

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