A Song For Brentford

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Coming up very soon is a competition which despite the roadcrash-type performances it is something that people can’t turn their eyes away. Despite everything they still have to watch.

Not everybody watches, most of them don’t even bother a look, but to their fans this is a chance to celebrate… to achieve some glory…

Yes that’s right it is the JPT Final – to be played on Sun 3rd April: Mother’s Day.

This cup competition (also known as the Football League Trophy) is only open to the lower 48 league teams – from the old 3rd & 4th Divisions.

It was set up because the F.A were feeling sorry about letting these and non-league teams, enter the FA Cup only to be knocked out by the third round. There must be a consolation/pity prize for them, something that gives them a chance of being ripped off at the prices at Wembley * So this trophy compo was born.

*Some of the words in the above paragraph may or may not be true.

This year for Brentford, they are hoping that it’s third time lucky. They’ve been in a final two times before, but ending up on the losing side on each occasions.

(They will meet Carlisle, who hold the record of 6 visits but only 1 win).

With the end of season rapidly approaching Carlisle (at the time of writing) have an outside chance of reaching the playoffs, and with Brentford there is an outside chance of them being dragged into the relegation. So for both teams it is an opportunity to give their (footballing and financially) fortunes a bit of a boost.

For this occasion some fans of Brentford F.C. have… well you know what this site is about so you know where we are going next:

“Brentford are on their way to Wembley; therefore Brentford FC’s rock ’n’ rollers have rushed into the recording studio to shout “Wembley!” into a microphone.

Two contenders have emerged, in a Blur v Oasis or Pop Stars, The Rivals JPT Final Sing-off.

The rivalry is intense. Egos are fuelled. So it’s down to you, the Brentford supporter, to decide which is best. Much is at stake here: the winner buys the loser a curry after Brentford’s trip to Huddersfield on the last day of the season!

The BBC London 94.9 Sports Show will also be playing both tracks on the Friday Night show on April 1st (7pm to 8pm)   Download the singles for free below – and then VOTE for your favourite. The poll will close at midnight on Saturday April 2nd.”

You can vote for the song by clicking one of the images below:


West London Pride

– Find out more about both songs by going to: www.westlondonpride.co.uk

Many thanks to Graham for mailing me. Best of luck to both songs – and both teams. I hope somebody wins.

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