A Song For Boro – The Results

In time with the Eurovision Song Contest which is happening right now as I type – We have the results of the votes from the interweb jury on which song will be the Song for Boro.

Plus thanks to a late flurry of activity when the original page was mentioned on a Middlesbrough mailing list and a couple of forums (hi there dynamo !) – we have a clear winner.

And the winner of the Song For Middlesbore..*ahem*…brough 2008 is…

Ewan Carmichael

Ewan Carmichael

*Before I post a couple of songs from our winner a note about Danny McCoy, the other contestant in this competition – I found this article in the Manchester Evening News – dated 30th March 2007:

Rock tribute to the Reds

“A MUSICAL Manchester United fan is trying to make his team’s road to Wembley a little more “rocky“.

Singer Danny McCoy, who earns a living as a full-time tribute act to Jon Bon Jovi, has written his own anthem for the famous club.

He hopes they will play the rock song on the team coach if they get through to the FA Cup final at the new Wembley stadium…”

There you have it… McCoy became a bit of a turncoat. Suffice to say ManU didn’t use the song and lost in the first FA Cup Final back at the new Wembley last year. – You can hear a snippet of his song: “Man U’s Going to Wembley” on that MEN article.

But as mentioned Danny didn’t win the vote, Ewan did. So without further Adu then… the winning song from Ewan, plus a couple of other tunes from his SoundClick.com page :

»Ewan Carmichael – Dancing Out On The Street

» Ewan Carmichael – Can’t Get Over You

» Ewan Carmichael – Dangerous Game

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