This site is run by a British expat now living in the U.S of A.   Because “soccer” has grown over here (isn’t the biggest sport, that’s still the WWE), many of the “natives” (descendants of the immigrants, not the actual native Americans) are familiar with the beautiful game. But like everything else it is a country separated by a common language. They have developed their own terms to describe things.

With the Copa América (to get that accent over the e by the way, hold Alt & type 130) or just c&p this: é ) kicking off just before Euro 2016, there might be a few of you will be watching late at night in Blighty, wanting to catch a few games. I’ve no idea which UK broadcaster has the TV rights. On the illegal online streams I’ve seen, none of the usual suspects have mentioned about covering the tournament. So with that in mind, here is a quick guide if you are in bed watching the U.S. coverage on your laptop:

Field : Pitch

Jersey : Shirt

Cleats : Studs

Shoes : Boots

Alexi Lalas : Robbie Savage


At the half: Half time

All tied : A draw

In the 6 : In the 6 yard area

PK : Penalty

Shut-out : Clean sheet

Oh and also that nice young man we last saw at the 2014 World Cup Finals wearing those high waisted white capri pants is back with the official Copa América theme song.

Can’t remember his name now, something like Petunia or something…

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