A Good Old Fashioned Singalong

Osgood and PetersI think I put a curse on Arsenal and Liverpool after I posted their rap(s).
Let’s see if lightning strikes twice with the Mickey Mouse League Cup Final between the residents of White Hart Lane and Stamford Bridge.

When looking at something to post… especially with Spurs and their musical output I wanted to avoid the obvious clichés, but unfortunately it is impossible.

I did however, you’ll be glad to read – manage to find some stuff from Tottenham that wasn’t done by Chas ‘N Dave.
I know. A rare thing indeed.

Spurs fans themselves must be irritated by their musical history with these two.

(“Look there Mr Hodges and Mr Peacock… thank you for your dedication to the club, but please – can we get the Klaxon’s or somebody for next time…?”)

As for Chelsea – as you know they went through periods of doing nowt, but occasionally they’d wake up and go off and win something. Music-wise they don’t have much of a history. There was a period at the beginning of the ’70’s and then late 90’s – into the 2000’s that material appears.

So when I looked through my collection to find some appropriate tunes to post here I noticed that in 1972 and 1973 both teams had some decent songs recorded.

Spurs were on top form with winning the League Cup in 1971 and then 1973 season. As well as the first UEFA Cup in 1972 where they beat… Wolves.

Chelsea had won the FA Cup in 1970 and then the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup in 1971, but lost the League Cup in 1972 to… Stoke.

In this era both clubs recorded and released some very memorable records. Sung by the teams, not by any musical artists and they ain’t arf bad… Geezer.

First up is Chelsea with one I’ve posted previously, plus a London medley done by the 1972 team:

Chelsea 1972 team

» Chelsea 1972 Team – Blue Is The Colour

– They actually released an album of the same name. Here’s one of the tracks from it:

» Chelsea 1972 Team – London Medley

Next up is Tottenham (and Spurs):

Spurs 70-71 squad - couldn't find one of the 72 team

» 1973 Spurs Squad – Tottenham Hotspur

Sadly no imagination with the naming of this next one either:

» ’72-73 Tottenham Squad – Spurs!

* I may have got the titles/years mixed up when labelling the mp3's. If they are wrong let me know.

Sometime next week I’ll post more songs from the winning team.

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