I swore to myself that I’d never look at this subject every again, but just… can’t… resist…


The horror that is football and music has an even bigger horror…

Football and Christmas music.

I was actually looking at the Tags page and was surprised to discover that I had covered this subject more times than necessary. So this is definitely. Absolutely. The very last time.

You are asking what is this football/xmas music like. Is it as bad as you imagined ? Yes. It is.

After this you will not be taking part in any more seasonal celebrations.

» Starting with Newcastle United and Harry Roden asserting that Santa is a Geordie:

» Harry Roden – Santa Is A Geordie

» But Aston Villa would beg to differ on that:

» Father Christmas Is A Villa Fan

The Harry Roden song above is a re-worded version of Jingle Bells. The re-recording of a traditional Xmas classic is an obvious choice because recognisable tune = more record sales. The Aston Villa one did dare to be different with an original composition » And this next one from a Liverpool Captain also goes with a specially written tune. Doesn’t make it any better though:

Em and Dando single cover

» Emlyn Hughes with Suzanne Dando – At Christmas Time

» Back to the familiar and oh joy, another version of the Jingle Bells tune. This time from Spurs:

Chas and Dave - A Cockney Christmas

» Chas n’ Dave w/1981 Tottenham Squad – The Tottenham Win Away

» Enough with the that. Let’s try to rescue things with Sunderland doing the 12 Days Of Christmas:

Sunderland Xmas stocking

» Red & White Santas – 12 Days of Sunderland (Edit)

» That didn’t work out too well… Let’s try another carol, this time from Leyton Orient:


» We The Kings of Orient Are

» Beginning to feel less festive aren’t you ? Right then let’s have Chelsea in a Winter Wonderland:

Chelsea sacks
» Chelsea FC – Walking In A Chelsea Wonderland

This football and seasonal music madness wasn’t exclusive to our shores you know. Bayern Munich were affected too. Just like Spurs they also had the curse of this one musical act constantly associated with them.

The artist was one Andrew White (or Weiz in Germany) who was like The Hoff – as in an American who found fame in Germany… well not all of Germany, just the Bayern region.

These tracks, in keeping with the theme, was a Christmas one and although it says Andrew White and the Bayern team, I’m not certain how much involvement they had.
Yes that’s right – double your pleasure:

FC Bayern - Andrew White - Tolzer Knabenchor
» Andrew White/FC Bayern – Merry Christmas Time

» Andew White/FC Bayern – Stille Nacht
As mentioned he had a number of collaboration, check the Bayern Munich tag for more.

Update: You can blame @weloveallthat for finding another Bayern Munich/Xmas song – video evidence in fact of the entire team singing Jingle Bells:

– Next we go to Italy and a song done by a collection of footballers playing in the Italian League at the time. This as you will see was done for charidee (mate), but that doesn’t excuse them from putting out this effort.

You need to go and read the post for the full background, I’ll try to sum it up here for the lazy though:

Hallelujah (Alleluia) is a pop song for charity (in support of Caritas) released in Christmas 1986 and sung by a group of players (accompanied by a chorus of kids) from the Italian league (plus Ruud Gullit , who had played the following year), which met for the occasion under the name of Football Stars.

» As you can see from the cover Michel Platini took lead vocals…


» Football Stars – Alleluia

Right then I see by the number of angry faces out there that I must take my leave very soon.

To soothe your very furrowed brows here’s light entertainment from the late football and music icon Frank Sidebottom:

Frank Sidebottom - Christmas

» Frank Sidebottom – Oh Come All Ye Faithful

» Frank Sidebottom – I Wish It Could Be Christmas

» Frank Sidebottom – Christmas Is Really Fantastic

Wait, wait… last ones. Promise you’ll like them:

Half Man Half Biscuit - Christmas

» Half Man Half Biscuit – All I Want For Christmas Is A Dukla Prague Away Kit

Sick of all these Xmas songs now ? Well don’t forget:

Half Man Half Biscuit – It’s Clichéd to Be Cynical at Christmas

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